If you're interested in buying the Archos 5 8GB Android Tablet, you can find it in stock at The Shack aka Radio Shack. Now that you can load Gmail, Android Market, Google Maps, etc. onto the device, the Archos 5 delivers an even better Android experience. Though it's been available on Amazon for quite some time now, the Archos 5 has typically cost upwards of $400, now available at The Shack for $250 is quite a deal (though you do give up a lot of storage space).

The Archos 5 Android Tablet packs a 800x480 4.8-inch screen, 800MHz OMAP3440 processor, 720p video and output over HDMI, capacity up to 500GB, 802.11n WiFi, etc. We haven't played with the Archos 5 Android Tablet ourselves but given this new deal, we might just take the plunge. What about you?


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