X (Twitter) users on Android can finally Voice and Video each other

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What you need to know

  • X (Twitter) is now rolling out voice and video calls to Android users and states users must update the app first to try them out.
  • Premium X users have the privilege of outgoing voice and video calls while anyone on the platform can receive them.
  • X provides security options for users to decide who can call them alongside an "Enhanced call privacy" option to mask your IP address.

Social media platform X (formerly Twitter) finally brought a useful communication tool to Android users after iOS picked it up in 2023.

According to Enrique, a developer at X, the platform is now rolling out Voice and Video calls for Android users (via GSMArena). All users can receive calls, however, Premium X users are the only ones who can start a call with another person. Users are instructed to update the X app via the Google Play Store before seeing the latest features.

Once updated, users will be greeted by a small introductory message in the X app about the arrival of voice and video calls. The platform advises users to check their settings to toggle the feature on or off. Moreover, if you've enabled it, users can decide who can call them on X and who cannot.

As detailed on X's support page, users can choose between users in their address book, people they follow, and verified users.

Initiating a voice or video call is done through the DM conversation you have or have started with another user. The former is simple as it allows users to put the call on speaker by tapping the "audio" icon alongside a simple mute option. X allows users to switch between their front and rear cameras for video calls by tapping the "flip camera" icon.

Users can also turn their cameras off alongside a microphone mute button.

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Additionally, X details an "Enhanced call privacy" setting as a layer of extra security. The platform explains that, when enabled, your IP address will be hidden from those you call and receive calls from. The setting is disabled by default as X states its servers facilitate the startup and then routed into a peer-to-peer scenario where both sides see the other's IP.

To add this extra bit of security, you can tap the envelope icon (DMs) > Settings (gear icon) > Toggle Enhanced Call Privacy on.

The update for Android arrived nearly three months after iOS picked up voice and video calls in October 2023. These features were wrapped in Elon Musk's plans to bring more communication options to X while also boosting the security levels of users' direct messages. There were talks with Signal's creator and former CEO, Moxie Marlinspike, about methods to implement stronger encryptions for DMs.

Recently, X (Twitter) secured its 15th money transmitter license from the state of Utah. Intending to secure licenses in all 50 states, X is moving closer to a time when it can legally host user money transfers, similar to Paypal's Venmo. Musk had previously stated he wanted users to manage their "entire financial life" on X. He foresees this feature arriving "by the end of" 2024.

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