Spotify partners with Google Cloud to reshape content discovery with Gen AI

Spotify on the Pixel 4
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What you need to know

  • Spotify is expanding its partnership with Google Cloud as it looks to piggyback off its generative AI and LLMs to better its services.
  • Spotify states it will look at improving musical content and better personalized recommendations for its users.
  • The company has a history with AI from acquiring Podz back in 2021 to the launch of its new AI DJ in 2023 with the help of Sonantic.

Spotify seeks to strengthen its bond with Google while also pushing forward in this new world of generative AI technology.

Spotify and Google Cloud announced an expansion of their pre-existing partnership to better "infrastructure, data and analytics, and AI/ML technologies" in a press release. The music streaming service states it will seek to leverage the generative AI capabilities of Google Cloud to improve content discovery on the platform.

Spotify is said to be "exploring" LLMs (large language models) to understand its own musical library and "augment" the metadata it uses to provide content to users. To think of content is to mention personalized suggestions, another aspect Spotify hopes AI can help with.

The post adds Spotify wants to refine the listening experiences of users through the use of LLMs as it looks to find a way of discovering the pattern in a person's favorite content. The company will dig deeper into user's favorite podcasts and audiobooks to present "new and interesting" recommendations.

Spotify says LLMs might help weed out potentially harmful or otherwise disturbing audio content.

The company is also said to take a stern look at the backend of its services. As it continues to work with Google Cloud, the streaming platform will try to boost the amount of valuable information and analytical data shown to creators.

This isn't the first time Spotify has danced with AI to some capacity. The company acquired the podcast discovery service Podz back in 2021. This introduced the ability for Spotify to integrate Podz's AI generation technology, which displays highlights of a podcast to users while also giving them a quick sample of the show before diving in.

Moreover, Spotify went ahead with the launch of a larger AI venture through its AI DJ. While this particular feature leverages OpenAI's technology, Premium subscribers can enjoy a personalized radio session on Spotify with an AI that offers music based on their musical tastes and history. The brand's acquisition of the AI voice platform Sonantic furthered this new feature, as well.

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