Samsung's Galaxy AI might soon translate your WhatsApp calls on the fly

Galaxy AI's Live Translate in the settings menu
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What you need to know

  • Galaxy AI's Live Translate feature is rumored to extend to third-party apps, starting with WhatsApp.
  • Samsung previously confirmed plans to expand Live Translate beyond its native apps, though it did not mention the specific third-party apps included.
  • On Samsung devices, Live Translate works in default messaging and phone calls.

Samsung's Galaxy AI Live Translate, which gives you real-time language translations, is rumored to soon extend to third-party apps, with WhatsApp tipped to be one of the first to pick it up.

At last year's launch of the Galaxy S24 series, Samsung introduced a bunch of AI features aimed at taking the smartphone experience to the next level. One standout was Live Translate, which allows for real-time communication across different languages. Initially, Live Translate only worked within Samsung's own apps and devices. But there have been plans to extend this support to third-party apps.

Now, reliable leaker Ice Universe says on X (formerly Twitter) that WhatsApp integration is in the works (via Android Police). However, there's no word, official or otherwise, on when this feature will be available.

Although Samsung previously confirmed that it's expanding Live Translate to third-party apps, the company has not officially announced which apps will be included.

How Live Translate will work in third-party apps is still a bit of a mystery. On compatible Samsung devices, though, it already integrates with the default messaging app and even offers real-time translation during phone calls.

Since Live Translate already works for calls and messages in the native app, it is a safe bet that the same functionality is coming to WhatsApp. This would make cross-language communication much smoother on Meta's popular messaging platform.

With a compatible device, this feature translates your voice into the preferred language of the person you're talking to and vice versa. You can also see live transcriptions of the conversation on your screen. The best part is that all of this happens in real-time, making communication seamless.

Furthermore, Samsung's possible expansion of Live Translate beyond WhatsApp hints at a major shift in cross-platform communication. SamMobile speculates that other popular apps like Google Meet, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and Signal might soon adopt this Galaxy AI-powered feature as well.

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