Samsung rolls out 'Galaxy to Share,' a way for users to share Good Lock settings

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What you need to know

  • Samsung's Good Lock update version introduces "Galaxy to Share."
  • This new module allows users to share Good Lock settings across Galaxy devices.
  • Galaxy to Share supports other modules like LockStar and Keys Cafe while also not being available globally.

Samsung has released a new Good Lock module that lets users share module settings across Galaxy devices.

According to SamMobile, as Samsung has been wrapped in rolling out One UI 5 to its slew of devices, it's now released "Galaxy to Share" through Good Lock. This new module was introduced through Good Lock's latest version update.

Galaxy to Share grants Galaxy device owners the ability to share their Good Lock settings from one device to all the others in their possession. The supported modules listed for this new feature are Keys Cafe, Theme Park, LockStar, NavStar, MultiStar, QuickStar, ClockFace, Home Up, One Hand Operation+, and Sound Assistant.

This new Galaxy to Share module was teased a while back as well as Samsung detailing how it would be bringing a few of these listed supported modules up to code for One UI 5. It was also previously thought that this new feature, which is now known as Galaxy to Share, would allow these settings to be shared with others. However, it appears as though it will simply remain a shareable settings feature across devices for now.

The Korean OEM has been working on bringing more interactions and the ability to share things with others using Galaxy devices since the release of One UI 5. Another module that allowed Galaxy users to share came through its Dropship release. Dropship launched in South Korea and brought the ability for users to share files with each other using a unique link or a QR code with a validity period as an extra security measure.

Much like Dropship, it also appears that Good Lock's new Galaxy to Share module will also be region-locked. While it may seem disappointing, at least Samsung brought its Camera Assistant, a new One UI 5 feature, to Galaxy S22 series phones. This was primarily due to the app being available both through Good Lock and by searching the Galaxy Store app.

The Camera Assistant introduced Auto HDR, Auto Softening, and other unique settings so users can customize their camera settings how they want.

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