Samsung launches Dropship, a quick file transfer app through Good Lock

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What you need to know

  • Samsung launches Dropship, a file sharing app for Galaxy devices for Good Lock in South Korea.
  • Users can easily share files using a unique link or a QR code which can have a validity period set for how long those files remain active for download.
  • Dropship can share files with Android devices regardless of model, iOS, and web users.

Samsung has launched a new file transfer app for Galaxy phones through its Good Lock app.

Samsung has announced the availability of Dropship, a new file transfer app for Galaxy phones that's been added to Good Lock for those in South Korea.

Samsung's new Dropship file sharing app through Good Lock.

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Dropship is a new addition to go along with Samsung's recent One UI 5 (Android 13) release, which means the user of the app must be on the latest software update. If so, users can easily and quickly share files between other Galaxy devices and Android devices regardless of model.

However, an interesting note is that those who are able to use Dropship can even quickly share files with those on iOS and web users as well.

As Dropship rolls out for South Korean users first, one can find it by heading into the Galaxy store and searching for it. After installing, Samsung explains users will be met with a permissions screen, referring to which apps it can use for transfer. Dropship supports OneDrive, Google Drive, Samsung Gallery, Google Photos, and others.

If there is a file you'd like to share, Dropship will either create a unique link for you to send or a QR code. The person you're sharing the QR code with can scan it, and the file will initiate its download.

Samsung also allows you to customize the unique link if you'd prefer that method while also providing the option of an expiration period. This will set how long the files you're interested in sharing will remain active for download before a new link or code is required.

Dropship does contain an overall size limit. Users are only able to send 5GB worth of files per day when using the new application. So, if you're a heavy sender, you're going to need to find some other app to send your files after you reach that ceiling. Fortunately, there are plenty of other ways to send files, like Nearby Share.

Samsung also recently updated its Good Lock app to feature Camera Assistant. That content update allowed users to customize their camera by using Auto HDR, Auto Softening, and other tools that can enhance their photos while also increasing their shutter speed for those fast-moving photography moments.

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