Samsung's One UI 7 might take longer to reach you as UI 6.1.1's AI upgrades continue

A look at the new quick toggle design in One UI 6.1 for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
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What you need to know

  • A rumor claims that Samsung will delay its One UI 7 (Android 15) release to work and roll out One UI 6.1.1's AI updates.
  • The upcoming patch might include "many new" AI functions alongside a new "graffiti generation" function for the S Pen.
  • Samsung reportedly started its internal testing of One UI 7 in May, but its beta program may not start so soon if these rumors are true.

Rumors are swirling about Samsung's potential delay of One UI 7 (Android 15) as it works to roll out One UI 6.1.1 and its Galaxy upgrades.

Speculation stems from Ice Universe on X, who states, "One UI 7 will not arrive very early" due to One UI 6.1.1 (via Android Police). The OS update allegedly contains "many new" AI features that are said to be a noticeable upgrade over what Galaxy phones currently have.

Additionally, the tipster claims that Samsung will start rolling this update out to the Galaxy S24 series in August. AI updates for the soon-to-be-released Galaxy Fold 6 will reportedly join that OS update with camera improvements.

One UI 6.1.1 is also rumored to feature a few goodies for Galaxy devices rocking an S Pen buddy. The tipster's additional leak states the update will include a "graffiti generation" image function. Aside from their initial reaction, the tipster didn't go into detail about what the graffiti function does specifically.

Perhaps it quickly turns handwritten text into stylized spray paint like you'd see scrawled across concrete walls. But we'll wait and see.

Samsung has brought a range of its Galaxy AI features to its past-gen devices, and it seems that this S Pen is no different. A follow-up post claims that the company could extend this graffiti feature to "many models" aside from the latest Galaxy S24 Ultra.

It was confirmed by a Samsung community manager that the Galaxy S24 will pick up some HDR updates during its One UI 6.1.1 update. The manager stated that HDR 10 Plus is on its way for the Instant Slow-Mo feature. Users leverage the cool slowing effect during higher-quality video settings without sacrificing dynamic range.

Samsung plans to bring .mov file-type editing support to the Gallery app for supported devices alongside sharing options. The post stated users can quickly tap the new "Share" icon on any video with a Slow-Mo effect to send it out via text or in apps. This aims to remove the necessity of exporting the video first.

A report claimed that Samsung had already started initially testing One UI 7 (Android 15) early in May. Evidence was attributed to a discovery made on Samsung's European servers. This makes sense as the company usually starts its beta program for the next major OS in the summer.

More importantly, Google just achieved "Platform Stability" for Android 15. With the latest rumors suggesting a potential One UI 7 delay, that beta program could see a much later start this year.

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