Samsung details what's to come for its major Galaxy S24 camera update

The Galaxy S24 Plus next to the retail box
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What you need to know

  • Samsung details what its upcoming Galaxy S24 update contains camera-wise.
  • Several improvements involve the Galaxy S24 Ultra, enhancing its capabilities to capture fast-moving objects and bringing more clarity to videos.
  • These updates are set to arrive on February 22, alongside an update to help users improve their display's colors.

Samsung is spilling all the details surrounding the camera side of its first major Galaxy S24 patch.

On its community forums (Korean), the company went through its camera changelog, which begins with improving brightness in dark areas (via SamMobile). This change will affect users shooting in high-pixel mode with another, smaller change that brings more clarity to high-zoom situations for the S24 Ultra.

Samsung states its latest Ultra model is the focus of "clarity and picture" quality improvements when recording videos through its main rear panel lenses. The update is said to boost people's sharpness when viewing them through the S24 Ultra's Photo preview mode. Similarly, Samsung is bringing more brightness to its preview as well.

Fast-moving objects in "backlit conditions" are receiving improvements, a problem it has struggled with. Moreover, Samsung is improving the "exposure and color expression" of various subjects like plants or people.

The remainder of Samsung's camera updates are as follows:

  • Expression has been improved by additionally applying color data in food mode.
  • Colors have been improved by adjusting saturation and white balance in night mode.
  • Image quality has been improved when zooming in on the gallery after shooting a new format DNG in the Expert RAW app.
  • The “Sharpness” option has been added to “Screen Mode” in the display settings, so you can enjoy more vivid colors.

Zooming in to 10x on a Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra to take a picture of a chicken

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The Korean OEM states that changes that it did not mention in this changelog for February will arrive during its next update. It hopes to have those ready for its March update if all goes well.

Samsung's specifics on what users can expect camera-wise for its S24 patch is the other side of its recently detailed display enhancements. The company said a couple of days ago that it will bring a "vividness" slider for those who feel the series' display appears too "washed out." This is on the heels of a strong wave of user reports after receiving the product.

The company adds the update should start arriving on February 22, likely alongside its security patch, which other devices have picked up. Unfortunately, Samsung did not speak about its odd grainy display problem.

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