Samsung details new Auto Blocker security on One UI 6

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What you need to know

  • Samsung details its "Auto Blocker" security, which has arrived with One UI 6, beginning with malware protection when their device is connected via USB.
  • Samsung's Message Guard has been bolstered by Auto Blocker as the security feature now works with other apps like WhatsApp and Telegram.
  • Sideloading becomes a little easier to stomach as Auto Blocker brings a security feature that can help avoid malicious attacks like voice phishing.

Arriving with Samsung's One UI 6 (Android 14) software is a new security feature Galaxy device owners may want to pay attention to. Samsung is revealing details about "Auto Blocker," the latest security feature for Galaxy phones and tablets that users can customize to bring about protection that matters to their digital lifestyle.

One feature most users might enjoy is the ability to turn on "app security checks." This primarily works whenever your device is connected to another via USB, as it will continuously check for malware while also preventing detrimental commands and other software installations. Samsung adds it could help protect users when plugging their devices in to charge in an unknown environment.

To help ensure safety while using messaging apps, Auto Blocker enables Samsung's Message Guard to work with apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. With both security features working hand-in-hand, users can find Message Guard's Zero Click attack protection and its neutralization of malicious images in more apps than just Google Messages and Samsung's default app.

Auto Blocker is also arriving with a tool to help those new to sideloading get into it with some peace of mind. The press release states the security feature will prevent app installations from "unauthorized sources" whenever a user attempts to sideload. 

This aspect of protection is disabled by default, but those interested might find it appealing as it could help avoid voice phishing.

Samsung details its new "Auto Blocker" security, giving users choice with their device protection.

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In an accompanying blog post by Dr. Seungwon Shin, Samsung's EVP & head of security, he attempted to hammer home Auto Blocker's design to create "boundaries, not walls." As Samsung continues to keep an eye on new digital threats, the function's primary goal is to ensure Galaxy users can communicate or download apps through their own means without risking their phone or data.

Samsung states Auto Blocker is available on all Galaxy phones and tablets running One UI 6 (Android 14). We're at the end of October, and Samsung started rolling out its Android 14 software to all users, beginning with those in Europe and moving onto users in Asia. The download appears to be around 3GB (for those who didn't participate in the beta) as it upgrades the OS completely.

However, those in the U.S. should receive the latest OS "in the coming weeks."

Moreover, a slew of AI-enhanced camera updates are wrapped in that One UI 6 rollout that furthers the Enhance-X app, document scanning, and camera customization options.

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