Reddit details new features and changes coming to its app

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What you need to know

  • Reddit details its plans to redesign its app for a better experience.
  • The app will soon allow users to choose the "Read" option for its feed or the "Watch" option for video lovers.
  • Reddit will also make an attempt to declutter its mobile app.
  • Without an exact date, Reddit does plan to introduce these new changes throughout 2023.

Reddit will soon celebrate 18 years and is gearing up for an app refresh to commemorate that.

According to Reddit's official blog post, there are a few changes coming to how users interact with its mobile app. The most interesting change soon to come for the Reddit app is a feed redesign that places the interest of the user firmly in hand.

Coming this year, Reddit will introduce "Read" and "Watch" filter options for its feed. If a user is more interested in reading through some titles as they scroll about, the read option may better suit them. This option is quite similar to the app's current "Classic" view, which simplifies the content provided, only showing the subreddit it's from, a title, and a thumbnail of a video or photo.

Reddit's new "watch" view coming to its mobile app.

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The watch option is tailored for those more interested in watching some videos. This option, while filling the majority of your view with a video and text laid across the bottom portion, feels more like Reels on Instagram or, more importantly, the experience found on TikTok. And in reality, this is probably done on purpose as more apps try and bring that same feeling (Spotify just launched its own TikTok-like revamp).

Reddit also showed interest in reducing the clutter found on its app in order to help users "find relevant content and contribute to communities faster."

Lastly, Reddit did touch on the ability for users to search within post comments, a feature that has already begun rolling out to users across platforms. The company also introduced text search within images, allowing users the chance to search for memes and other images with text in them across Reddit, excluding comments.

While Reddit hasn't provided an exact date when mobile users can expect to see these new changes, they are all a part of its plan for 2023 moving forward.

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