Instagram rolls out in-app scheduler and achievements for creators

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What you need to know

  • Instagram is rolling out scheduled posts that creators can use for Reels, photos, and Carousel posts.
  • Creators and business accounts can schedule a post to go live within a maximum of 75 days from its creation.
  • Instagram is also globally testing a new achievement system for creators for their activity through Reels.

Instagram is beginning to roll out scheduled posts and achievements in an effort to offer creators more tools on the platform.

According to Instagram's Creators account, both scheduled posts and achievements have been highly requested features based on feedback from its users. Scheduled posts, while it has begun rolling out, should be global in the weeks ahead.

Instagram's first new feature offers creators and business accounts the option of scheduling a post a maximum of 75 days in advance. These posts include Reels, photos, and Carousel posts.

The social media platform explains that users must first create a post before accessing the "Advanced settings" tab to set when it should go live. Users can select the time and date for when the post should automatically go up before tapping "schedule." This should help creators and businesses better plan and execute their content strategies. 

Instagram is also looking at its new achievement system as a way to reward and celebrate its creators. These new achievements will pertain to their Reels activity primarily and will reward them for things such as collaborating with another creator.

Creators will also gain achievements based on how interactive their TikTok-esque Reels are. An example would be if they're consistently using Instagram's polls through Reels, quizzes, and other methods. If a creator is joining in on an ongoing trend or conversation around the social media platform by using a currently popular audio effect, that may also award them an achievement.

The Meta-owned platform will alert creators via a notification if they've received an achievement from a recent Reels post. They can view it to see what the achievement entails while also looking at the ones they have yet to gain so they can figure out how to go about chasing it down. These can be found by tapping the three-dot menu on any Reel.

With the recent update, Instagram's achievement system for creators has entered a global testing phase.

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