OPPO debuts its 'AI Center' as it prepares to bring Gen AI to the Reno 11

OPPO Find X7 Ultra
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What you need to know

  • OPPO announced in a press release that it has created an "AI Center," capable of bringing generative AI features to its devices as it looks to the future.
  • OPPO plans to bring generative AI features to its Reno 11 series in Q2 2024 once it launches globally.
  • Such features include the OPPO AI Eraser and more, which may benefit from the brand's LLM, AndesGPT.

OPPO is prepared to take on artificial intelligence on smartphones by introducing its new "AI Center." According to a press release, the company states, "Through dedicated research and development into AI and its applications, the new Center aims to further strengthen OPPO’s AI capabilities." OPPO is also focused on "exploring" features that act on behalf of the user experience.

OPPO's new AI Center is said to create generative AI features that embody a few key characteristics for its AI phones. A device must "efficiently utilize" computing resources for Gen AI while being aware of real-world time using its sensors and "understanding the complex information" users give it.

The company added an AI phone from its kitchen that must contain self-learning capabilities and "multimodal" content generate abilities for "inspiration and knowledge support."

OPPO aims to "revolutionize" the industry, and this all begins in Q2 2024 as it plans to bring "advanced" generative AI features to the Reno 11 series.

The Chinese OEM states that "an array" of features will appear in the series when it launches globally. Such features include OPPO AI Eraser and more. OPPO adds the arrival of its generative AI features will vary depending on the market release of its Reno 11 series.

Its upcoming devices may also leverage the brand's custom large language model, AndesGPT. After launching the Find X7 series, OPPO's model is said to handle "dialogue enhancement, personalization, and cloud-device collaboration."

OPPO Find X7 Ultra

(Image credit: OPPO)

Pete Lau, chief product officer of OPPO, said, "OPPO is dedicated to becoming a contributor and promoter of AI Smartphones. We look forward to working together with our industry partners to jointly drive the innovation of the mobile phone industry and reshape the intelligent experience of mobile phones."

The company states it plans to expand its range of generative AI features to more product lines and markets around the world. Moreover, OPPO appears confident that its AI Center will "enhance" and complement its app ecosystem present on devices.

The post mentions OPPO will open a development platform so those creating new technologies for its devices can have access to all the AI tools they require.

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