OnePlus reveals new Pixel-inspired AI feature

OnePlus 12 camera island next to OnePlus 11
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What you need to know

  • OnePlus is rolling out a new AI feature that aims to simplify image editing and lets users substitute unwanted objects in the image with the image background.
  • AI Eraser made its debut in global markets on the OnePlus 11, OnePlus 12, OnePlus 12 R, OnePlus Open, and even the most recent Nord CE 4. 
  • COO Liu stated that OnePlus devices will gain more AI features, which are set to appear this year.

AI is something that people hear a lot lately, with most smartphone companies leveraging the generative AI software and pushing it into every aspect of customers' lives. While Google and Samsung have taken the help on the smartphone front, OnePlus is entering the game with its own AI feature, and it 

On Wednesday, April 3, OnePlus announced that it will be rolling out a new generative AI feature dubbed "AI Eraser" to several of its smartphones. This feature allows users to edit or erase unwanted elements in a photo. 

"AI Eraser represents the first step in our vision to liberate user creativity through AI and revolutionize the future of photo editing, empowering users to create remarkable photos with just a few touches," says Kinder Liu, president and COO of OnePlus.

Similar to the Magic Eraser, which first debuted on Google Pixel phones, OnePlus users can manually select and remove unwanted objects from images in the Photo Gallery. Once the user highlights certain objects, such as pedestrians or imperfections in the image, the tool analyzes the selected area and automatically creates a replacement background that blends into the surrounding environment.

(Image credit: OnePlus)

This isn't the first AI feature we've seen from OnePlus. Earlier this year, OnePlus rolled out an AI Call Summarizer as part of an OxygenOS update, which listens to your phone call and summarizes it for your reference.  However, this feature was only available to OnePlus 12 users. The AI Call Summarizer could extract "times, places, action items and other key information" from your conversation, according to the changelog.

There's also Breeno Touch, allowing users to scan their screen for content and make suggestions for related services based on their search.

Nicole Zhang, general manager of AI products at OnePlus, says that "all OnePlus AI features are built from genuine user needs, and we will continue to invest heavily in developing more revolutionary AI-based features that move us closer to our vision for a more convenient future for all."

Liu also stated that OnePlus devices will gain more AI features that are set to make an appearance this year.

OnePlus will be rolling out the AI Eraser to the OnePlus 11, OnePlus 12 and 12 R, OnePlus Open and even the most recent Nord CE 4 across the globe.The company said that this feature will show up gradually in April to the above mentioned devices, however they have not specified an exact date.

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