Nothing OS puts ChatGPT's voice assistant on your Phone's home screen

The home screen of the Nothing Phone (2)
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What you need to know

  • Nothing CEO Carl Pei announced that Phone (2) and Phone (1) have picked up ChatGPT's Quick Settings shortcut.
  • Additionally, the Phones can easily activate the shortcut through the Nothing OS Quick Settings widget, placing a convenient option on the home screen.
  • OpenAI was previously spotted working on a Quick Settings shortcut for Android recently while also developing a way for users to make ChatGPT their default AI helper.

Nothing phones are picking up a new voice assistant, courtesy of OpenAI's chatbot.

Nothing CEO Carl Pei announced on X that Phone (2) owners can now experience ChatGPT's voice Assistant through its new Quick Settings option Pei adds this experience can be activated by installing ChatGPT's official Android app from the Play Store and using its voice chat feature "at least once."

After that, users should be able to add the assistant's button to their Quick Settings panel. Expanding the panel and tapping the shortcut will produce ChatGPT's assistant, ready for vocal queries. However, Pei explains users can add the AI bot to their home screens by leveraging the Nothing OS Quick Settings Widget.

Moreover, Pei adds that the ChatGPT assistant is "much more responsive" than previously theorized and that support has also arrived for the Phone (1).

A ChatGPT Quick Settings toggle was spotted almost a week ago while diving into the app's latest beta. A shortcut in an Android device's Quick Settings panel was discovered, providing an easy route for users to interact with the voice assistant anywhere on their device.

Users can voice their questions while also having the chance to interrupt the AI chatbot if required. Additionally, OpenAI appears to be working on a way for users to make ChatGPT their default assistant on an Android phone. The function wasn't properly available for an early preview, but details showed users would activate it much like Google's Assistant.

Long-pressing your device's power or home buttons would produce ChatGPT's AI for assistance.

ChatGPT's Quick Settings shortcut — and now Nothing OS' home screen widget — both bring convenience to its voice assistant, which was previously only available inside the app. OpenAI launched its official Android app in July 2023, and the rollout brought its GPT-4 language model, creative inspiration, and "quick answers."



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