LumaFusion brings desktop-class video editing to Chromebooks and Android

LumaFusion app on Chromebook and Z Fold
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What you need to know

  • The popular video editing app, LumaFusion, is officially available on Android and ChromeOS. 
  • This comes following an "early access" beta release in November 2022.
  • LumaFusion has been available on iOS and iPadOS since 2016 and has been downloaded more than one million times.

A little more than a year ago, Samsung announced that LumaFusion would be finally arriving for Android users at a later date. However, months went by without nary a word about when LumaTouch would actually launch the popular video editing app that was previously only available on iOS and iPadOS. Following what seems to be a successful open beta launch in November 2022, LumaFusion is now officially out of beta and is available on both Android and ChromeOS.

While the best Chromebooks continue to get more and more powerful, the app support hasn't been there to back up those claims. There are plenty of other video editing apps that you can try and use, such as making some minor edits right within Google Photos. However, until now, professional video editing apps on ChromeOS have been limited to those willing to enable Linux and download something like OpenShot.

But now that LumaFusion is officially available, you don't have to worry about messing around with Linux or terminal commands on your Chromebook or Chromebox. Instead, you can just download the app from the Play Store, fire up your video files, and start editing.

Part of what makes this so exciting is that while LumaFusion might not be as extensive as DaVinci Resolve or Apple's Final Cut Pro, it's still no slouch. Those complaints of "you can't do real work on a Chromebook" can be thrown out the window for good.

Another aspect of what makes LumaFusion's official launch exciting is that you can download and install it on the best Android phones and tablets, too. Of course, performance will vary depending on the device that you are using, and we plan to cover some of that in the coming days. 

But LumaFusion now gives you the ability to record, edit, and publish videos right from a single device without needing to move files around to different devices. But it also offers flexibility for those with a Chromebook who want to record videos using their phones and edit them using a larger screen. 

LumaFusion is available to download from the Google Play Store now and is priced at $29.99. 

LumaFusion: Pro Video Editing

LumaFusion: Pro Video Editing

After more than a year of promises, LumaFusion is officially available on ChromeOS and Android devices through the Google Play Store. Now, you can enjoy a professional video editing app without needing to rely on Windows or macOS. 

Download from: Google Play Store

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