LumaFusion 'open beta' finally arrives on Android and ChromeOS

LumaFusion on Chrome OS
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What you need to know

  • LumaFusion is making its way to Android devices in "open beta."
  • The company has released the app in beta for Android and ChromeOS.
  • Users can can snag a discount with a one-time purchase of $19.99 to get the app.

LumaFusion is a popular and award-winning video editing app that's been available for the iOS platform for quite a while now. And finally, it is coming to Android through a beta program.

During the Samsung Unpacked event in February, Samsung announced its forthcoming arrival on Android alongside the Galaxy Tab S8 series. While the app did not materialize, later at Google I/O in May, it was teased that LumaFusion would be foraying to ChromeOS first and later to Android devices.

Cut to five months later, we finally see the valued LumaFusion in beta through Google Play Store, Samsung Galaxy Store, and also for ChromeOS, according to an announcement from LumaTouch. It is an open beta app, which costs $19.99, making it 30% cheaper than the usual $29.99 price tag.

The company also ensures that anyone downloading the beta version "will receive the final version at no additional cost when it becomes available."

For the uninitiated, LumaFusion offers powerful editing tools for video editing on mobile devices. It provides a multi-touch and intuitive interface coupled with every necessary pro feature required for a portable video editing app.

LumaFusion is also coming to the best Chromebooks out there, and the company has also showcased a demo of it on its LumaTouch YouTube channel.

With the new beta app, users can edit their videos as it allows them to choose between multiple frames and aspect ratios. It additionally provides track layering, cropping, and audio mixing, to name a few. Users can also create projects, import media directly from the phone's storage, and add and save effects, amongst others. 

LumaFusion offers free support within the app for users just getting started with editing. If you're interested in testing the new beta, you'll have to register as a tester for a start. After that, LumaFusion provides an update comprising a testing app version. Before considering enrolling, users have to remember that they often tend to be unstable versions.

LumaFusion (Android)

LumaFusion (Android)

LumaFusion is one of the best video editing apps out there for mobile devices. It offers an intuitive UI that makes it easy to edit full videos on the go.

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