Humane's new AI Pin to work with Google Photos and Contacts

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What you need to know

  • Humane's upcoming AI Pin will connect with Google Photos and Google Contacts.
  • The device has a small camera that can snap quick photos, which are automatically uploaded to a Google Photos account over LTE.
  • Besides Google Photos and Contacts, Humane is teasing Google Calendar integration to come at a later date.

There's a lot we still don't know about the Humane AI Pin before the device's official launch in mid-April, but the company just shared more information about how AI Pin will integrate with Google services. AI Pin can connect to Google Photos and Google Contacts right out of the box, Humane explains on a support page (via 9to5Google).

Humane AI Pin can be connected to various third-party services through the Humane. Center, which is a web client for managing AI Pin and its integrated platforms. After going to Humane. Center and tapping the Google option under the available services to link, all an AI Pin owner needs to do is log into their Google account to continue. When finished, they'll see a green checkmark, and Google will appear under the list of linked services in the Humane Center.

Currently, Google Photos and Contacts are the only two services that can be linked to AI Pin. However, the company has teased the possibility of Google Calendar integration coming at a later date. This could allow users to create and manage calendar events with Humane AI Pin using their voice without needing to pull out their smartphone. For now, Humane only previews Calendar integration as letting users ask about existing events.

The Humane AI Pin has a small, 13MP ultrawide sensor that can be used to take quick photos. AI Pin captures a burst of three images and then uses AI and computational photography to improve the final image. The device can preview images with its laser display, albeit with strange colors and low quality. This is where Google Photos integration comes into play because photos can be automatically uploaded to the cloud after they're captured with AI Pin.

The initial upload will take place over LTE, which requires the use of AI Pin via the $24 monthly subscription with T-Mobile. This will feature temporary, low-resolution versions of your photos. Later, full-resolution versions of the photos and videos will be uploaded when the AI Pin has enough battery and is connected to a known Wi-Fi network.

Google Contacts integration will make contacts stored in your Google account available on AI Pin.

The Humane AI Pin is a $699 wearable AI device that is the first product from Humane, a startup made up of a few former Apple employees. AI Pin is slated to start shipping to early buyers in mid-April.

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  • Mooncatt
    A new automatic camera that can surreptitiously take photos of others without their knowledge or permission? Because THAT'S not going to raise privacy and ethical concerns.
  • Le Blah
    I don't see this having privacy issues.

    Because I don't see anyone in their right mind paying $600+ and $24/month for a device without a screen that is dumber than a smart watch .

    And that $24/month doesn't even get you full resolution uploads of the photos it takes! WT actual H!