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Ordering from Amazon is extremely convenient, especially if you have a Prime subscription. However, for whatever reason, it's not always ideal to have items delivered to your place of residence. That's where Amazon Locker comes into play. It's a convenient service that lets you choose to have your items delivered to secure lockers in specific areas.

Using Amazon Locker is pretty easy to set up, and there are plenty of locations that allow users to utilize these lockers for safe delivery of items. And if you're looking to order items on Prime Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or any other day of the year, it may be something worth considering when taking advantage of various sales on some smaller items.

Here's how the service works.

How to use Amazon Locker

1. When you are checking out an item from your Amazon cart, continue until you arrive at the shipping details right before you finish placing your order.

2. Tap Change delivery or pickup address.

3. On the next page, locate the orange Amazon icon that says, "Or pick up near this address." You can also visit this link outside of your order flow to search for available Lockers nearby to add to your address book.

Note: You can also change your location to an Amazon Locker if your item has already shipped. Once you use a Locker, it will be saved to your addresses for future orders.

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4. A map will open, displaying all the nearby Amazon Locker locations. Choose the one that best suits your needs, tap Pick Up Here, then confirm your selection. There are thousands of locations across the United States, so there is no shortage of options.

Note: Some locations may be closed or unavailable. You will not be able to select these locations.

5. When the item is delivered, you will receive a notification. Open the Amazon app to view the pickup code.

6. Head to the location of the locker. Scan the barcode underneath the Locker screen, and the associated locker door will open for you to retrieve your item.

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Keep in mind, some listed locations will be Amazon Counter locations, where a worker will handle your item pickup instead.

What you should know about Amazon Locker

Shipping is free for Amazon Prime members. If you're not a member, you can only get free shipping on items that cost $35 or more. Fortunately, you're able to add friends and family to your Amazon Prime account so they can take advantage.

After an item is delivered, you have three days to pick up the item, or it will be returned and refunded. If you are unable to pick it up yourself, you can have someone else pick it up for you by forwarding them the delivery confirmation.

Not every item is eligible for Amazon Locker service. Below is the list of requirements provided by Amazon for eligible Locker items:

  • The shipping weight is less than 10 lbs.
  • The product dimensions are smaller than 16 x 12 x 14 inches.
  • All items are sold or fulfilled by
  • The total value is less than $5,000.
  • The shipment contains no hazardous materials.
  • The order does not contain Subscribe & Save items.
  • The order does not contain items shipping from other countries.
  • The order does not contain items for Release-Date Delivery

There are also a set of requirements for using Amazon Counter available on the support page.

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