Google Lens to gain 'search your screen' AI tool for Android phones

Google Search page on a Google Pixel 7 Pro
(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google is announcing several AI enhancements to its search features on Android.
  • Android phones will soon use Google Lens to perform a visual search of whatever is on the screen.
  • Google is expanding multisearch local search globally and allowing users to perform multisearch on images in the search results page.

Microsoft may be gearing up to give Bing the ChatGPT treatment, but Google is focused on improving the AI features that already make Search so good.

In addition to improvements made to Google Translate, Google has also announced new Lens features, making it easier to search for the items on your phone screen. This way, no matter what's on your display, users will be able to bring up Google Assistant and select the option to "Search screen."

(Image credit: Google)

(Image credit: Google)

This feature should work across various apps and websites to identify photos, videos, and more that appear on your screen. "Search your screen" will be available on Android phones globally in the coming months.

And for more granular searches, Google is making some improvements to the multisearch function. The feature lets users search items using a combination of images and texts to further refine the search to find exactly what they need. The feature is available in countries where Lens is available, but the newer local search functionality has been limited to English-speaking users in the United States.

In the coming months, local search will expand globally.

Users will also be able to use multisearch across images found in search results. And to further refine searches, Google is allowing users to add more descriptors such as shapes, allowing users to better find exactly what they need. The example Google provides is that you can type "rectangle" when searching for a coffee table, which should provide you with a list of rectangular options.

(Image credit: Google)

In addition to these AI features, you can also check out the latest Google Maps features the company just launched. You can also read up on Google's efforts to compete with the new Microsoft Bing with its own AI chatbot powered by LaMDA.

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