Shopping gets seamless as Google rolls out new tools

What you need to know

  • Users in the U.S. can now have a personalized shopping experience — thanks to Google.
  • The search giant is bringing nifty new features to Google Search on mobile, desktop, and the app.
  • It will include style recommendations, an AI-powered image generation tool, and a virtual try-on option.

Google wants to make your shopping experience more personalized by introducing new tools, the search giant announced today (Mar.27).

Users in the U.S. who usually use mobile browsers or the Google app to shop for apparel or accessories will now see a new section dubbed "style recommendations."

It will have various options to choose from and rate with a thumbs up or thumbs down button. Users can further swipe right or left to see their personalized results. Google says more options will be provided when users don't find what they are looking for, and they can keep on the search.

Google Shopping Style Pick tool

(Image credit: Google)

Google will remember these preferences, and the next time users search for the same set of accessories/apparel, they will get personalized results based on the saved preferences. If  any accidental taps occur, users can tap on three dots next to the Search result and "look for personalization options in the "About this result" panel."

Additionally, Google allows U.S. shoppers to specify brands they like when choosing apparel, shoes, or accessories on mobile, desktop, and the Google app. Once they choose their brands, the subsequent search results will showcase products from those brands first. As mentioned, they can still change their preferences in the aforementioned process.

Users in the U.S. who opted for Search Generative Experience (SGE) via Search Labs will have access to a new experimental feature on the Google app and mobile browsers. It is an AI-powered image generation for shopping tool that allows users to find their favorite products based on their search query. 

Google Shopping AI tool

(Image credit: Google)

Google cites examples like the "colorful quilted spring jacket" search query, which showcases photorealistic images that match users' ideas. Once the images are generated, they can select and view suitable options by scrolling through them. 

After finding the right one, the search giant is offering shoppers a virtual try-on (VTO) tool. The tool was first introduced last year for U.S. users shopping on desktop, mobile, or the Google app. The tool provides a diverse set of models, including sizes ranging from XXS to 4XL. Users can look for the "try-on" icon in shopping results to check out the men's or women's tops.

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