Let Google AI try on clothes for you with this new tool

Google's AI clothes try-on tech
(Image credit: Google)

What you need to know

  • A new Google AI tool lets you virtually try on clothes from popular brands to see if they fit your body type.
  • This new AI is coming to Google's Shopping Graph, which is integrated into Google Search.
  • The AI model uses stable diffusion to draw realistic and accurate renditions of how clothes fit on many different body types and genders.

If you've ever bought clothes online, you'll know it can be a total crapshoot. Even if you buy the right size, clothes all have different cuts and might not fit the way you want. But Google is hoping that its latest AI invention can help solve those problems for its users.

Google is first rolling this out for women's tops for popular clothing brands like Anthropologie, LOFT, H&M, and Everlane. When you Google search on the best Android phones or a computer, click the shopping tab, and Google's new AI tool will give you brand new ways of searching for a piece of clothing that's just right for you.

If it's a women's top, you can select from many different body types and have Google's AI "draw" the article of clothing you selected onto that body type. Google says the result is a realistic representation of what clothing looks like on a real person, backed up by a research paper Google published on the entire experiment.

An animation showing how Google AI clothes try-on works

(Image credit: Google)

In the image above, the top-left image is being used to represent a body type a user might want to use to try clothes on. The bottom-left image is a picture of the article of clothing someone wants to try on. The resulting image on the right side shows how Google's AI took both images and combined them to show how that article of clothing would look, despite the reference images containing very different body types.

Google says it'll be rolling out this feature to more clothing styles, brands, body types, and genders in the future and that it represents the future of online clothing shopping. Hopefully, this can help prevent a few returns from ever happening.

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