Google Pixel Watch Faces app hits Play Store to offer customizable tiles on your wrist

Google Pixel Watch review
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What you need to know

  • Pixel Watch gets a new dedicated app for its watch faces.
  • Dubbed Google Pixel Watch Faces, the app is available for device owners to download on Play Store.
  • It offers thousands of combinations of watch faces including colors, styles, and complications.

The MadebyGoogle event was not just about the hardware launch as new compatible apps on Google Play Store for the Pixel Watch were also made available. The one introduced on the launch day was dubbed Google Pixel Watch.

The other app later added to the Play Store happens to be the Google Pixel Watch Faces app (spotted by 9to5Google). However, the new Google Pixel Watch Faces app is specifically designed to customize your wearable watch faces.

The native Google Pixel Watch app released on the launch day helps Pixel Watch owners set up their wearables on Pixel devices, like the Pixel 7 Pro.

The app is currently listed on the Google Play Store, and the description tells us what capabilities it brings to your Pixel Watch. First and foremost, users would get an exclusive set of watch faces. Users will further be able to customize their watch faces either through the app or on their wrists in the Pixel Watch.

The customization options allow end users to choose what type of information they want to glance at on their wrists. Google suggests users would be able to play around and "create thousands of combinations of watch faces with different colors, styles, and complications," on the new Pixel Watch Faces app.

There are multiple attributes that users can choose from amongst each individual watch face, including showcasing date, analog or digital clock, step count, Fitbit icon, heart rate display, and temperature.

In addition to the multiple combinations one can choose from, Google's popular at-a-glance information is also present in the individual watch face.

Google had a successful Pixel product launch early this month. The lineup included the Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro, the new Pixel Watch, and the new Pixel Buds Pro.

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