Google Pixel March 2024 update rolling out with tons of bug fixes

The bright display on the Google Pixel 8 Pro
(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

What You Need to Know

  • All support Pixel devices running Android 14 can access a new update beginning today.
  • U.S. carriers will see the update starting next week.
  • The update brings fixes and improvements and comes alongside the Pixel feature drop.

March is finally upon us, and with that comes a new update for Google Pixel. The monthly software update, which was announced on Monday, will be rolled out in phases and includes a ton of bug fixes. Currently, all Pixel devices running Android 14 will receive the updates beginning today, while U.S. carrier software will be deployed starting next week. 

That rollout will continue based on the carrier and device, and users have been encouraged to check their Android version and update to receive the latest software offerings if they haven’t already. Assuming a user has the latest Android version, a notification will be sent once the OTA becomes available for their specific device. 

Software version AP1A.240305.019.A1 is rolling out to all Pixel devices from the 5a 5G to the Pixel 8 Pro and also includes the Fold and Tablet.

Phone getting an update

(Image credit: Android Central)

With that said, the March update brings a number of bug fixes and improvements across an array of features. 

For example, on the Biometrics side, improvements for fingerprint recognition are being deployed. Meanwhile, users can expect face unlock stability improvements and fixes to issues in which home screen icons become invisible or wallpapers turn dark. 

Additionally, the update will bring Wi-Fi connection stability and a fix for the assistant not responding to verbal commands. 

A full list of updates and fixes can be found on Google's community blog. And, in case you missed it, the bug fixes are arriving in tandem with the latest Pixel feature drop for March 2024. Among other features, the update includes improvements to the Call Screen feature, improved Instagram photos, and Circle to Search coming to the Pixel 7 series.