Google might have accidentally rolled out the April 2023 update to its Pixel 5

Google Pixel 5
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What you need to know

  • Google Pixel 5 reportedly received next month’s security update a week early.
  • A Reddit user has shared that his Pixel 5 received TQ2A.230405.003 firmware update.
  • It is an April 2023 security update with unspecified fixes, perhaps an accidental rollout.

Google has a significant history of rolling out timely updates to its Pixel devices each month. Sometimes such updates, including security updates, get delayed, as we witnessed this month. However, a Pixel 5 reportedly got April month’s update rolled out this week, a bit earlier than we expected.

A Canadian Reddit user (via Android Authority) mentioned receiving the April security patch on Monday. The user further shared the screenshot of the update that indicates the device is running the April 5, 2023 Android security update, which is expected to release next week along with other Pixel devices like the Pixel 7 and older models.

It is quite interesting to see the update roll out early because some other Pixel device owners have shared that they are still receiving the March 2023 update even this week. The Reddit user in the comments has also shared the alleged build number that the Pixel 5 is running on: TQ2A.230405.003. Upon receiving the update a week before the original rollout, the user also shares his astonishment.

There is no announcement from Google about the new early April update rollout. Also, we couldn’t find the alleged build in Full OTA Images files linked to the latest build of the Pixel 5. Henceforth, this alleged security patch release can be considered a bug or a mistake of an early rollout from Google’s end. Nonetheless, it is still good to see any Android phone receiving a security update, timely or early.

This is a good indication that Google is working on updates constantly, which is necessary as some unpleasant vulnerabilities came to the limelight this month affecting the Pixel, and Samsung devices, which feature the Exynos chipsets.

Speaking of, while Google already fixed some vulnerabilities through the March 2023 update, Samsung also announced that it is fixing the Wi-Fi calling vulnerabilities affecting recent Galaxy phones.

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