A long-overdue Google Keep feature is finally starting to roll out

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What you need to know

  • Google Keep on Android rolls out text formatting support, including bold, italics, and a couple heading sizes.
  • The new formatting appears to be readily available for new documents while existing documents are set to gain it in "the coming weeks."
  • Keep on the web appears to be preparing to receive a "version history" feature, letting users sort through different iterations of a text document.

Google is in the process of rolling out much-needed support for jotting down notes in Keep. As spotted by Mishaal Rahman, Keep is beginning to receive text formatting support for documents (via 9to5Google). Support has been spotted in version 5.23.322.05 of Google Keep, however, the update isn't quite as widespread just yet.

When the update does arrive, opening Keep will display a "New!" splash screen stating users can now format their text. Users will find an underlined "A" icon in the toolbar after tapping the plus sign for more options. Formatting options include H1 and H2 for various heading sizes while "Aa" reverts your text back to default writing.

Other options such as bold, italics, underlined, and strikethrough are also seen within this update.

It also appears as though the new text formatting options will be readily available for new notes in Keep. Google states this new functionality will appear for existing documents in the app in "the coming weeks."

Additionally, Google is working on bringing another feature titled "version history" to Keep's web version at some point, as noted by ArtemR on X (via 9to5Google). Apparently, clicking the three-dot menu of a note shows the new version history feature at the very bottom, grayed out and accompanied by a support page for more information.

Google's support page for version history states the feature will let users "see previous versions of text changes. Images won’t appear in version history."

One thing to note is that this feature seems to be restricted to notes filled with text and is not compatible with ones featuring images of any kind.

As previously stated, this feature is only appearing on Google Keep on the web. The company's support page simply encourages users to check out version history in Keep from a computer when visiting its Android and iOS pages. It's unclear when Google plans to bring it to mobile devices — if that's in the cards.

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