Google might add 'Classic Assistant' alternative with its Bard integration

Assistant with Bard at Made by Google event
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What you need to know

  • Google is working on a "Classic Assistant" alternative for its larger plans of integrating Bard with its on-device AI helper.
  • Features in Classic Assistant will not work with the AI-boosted variant, meaning users will have a choice to make when it arrives.
  • Assistant with Bard seemingly contains much of the AI chatbot offers for web users like extensions with Gmail, Docs, and YouTube.

We're learning more about what's in store for Google's AI integration with its Assistant on mobile devices.

The Google app is once again offering an early glimpse at what's known as "Classic Assistant," courtesy of Android deep diver AssembleDeBug on X (via Android Police). The latest round of strings suggests Google will let users decide if they want to utilize "Assistant with Bard" or not. The old, current version we have our hands on obviously does not include much of the AI fluff that Bard will bring to the table.

Right now, the current string of code shows users can swap over to the classic version of Assistant by heading into the Google app's settings when this rolls out.

The thread adds that users cannot use Classic Assistant features alongside the AI-booster version. So, a choice will need to be made when the time comes.

Progress is evident on Google's side. However, it's still unclear when users can expect this marriage between Assistant and Bard to arrive.

The previous glimpse into what Google is creating for Assistant with Bard showcased its close mirror of what users experience on the web. Back in October, a Google app update contained pieces of code that showed users can utilize the Assistant-Bard integration draft emails, export items to Docs, and have access to Bard extensions like Hotels, Flights, YouTube, and more.

It was also discovered that the Assistant AI-boosted variant will accept photos users upload, allowing the bot to work some magic on them.

When Google first announced its plans for this integration, the company mentioned it would arrive on Android and iOS devices. Its main app code seemingly suggests that the latest Pixel 8 series could receive it before it trickles down to any others, though. Similarly, testing for Assistant with Bard will arrive for a select few individuals as Google looks to collect feedback first.

The date for all this to happen is up in the air, but there's still hope for the beta test to begin before the end of the year.

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