Assistant with Bard leak surfaces what Google is likely to bring

Assistant with Bard at Made by Google event
(Image credit: Nick Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • A dive into the Google app's latest beta has surfaced a look at what is in store for the "Assistant with Bard" integration.
  • Many of the features mirrors what Bard for the web delivers including AI extensions and an ability to let the AI use your photos.
  • Google's recent announcement of the integration teases that it will arrive for Android and iOS devices "in the coming months."

Only a week after Google announced it will integrate its AI software into Assistant we're gaining our first glimpse at what's in store.

An early glimpse into the integration arrives via notable X tipster AssembleDebug's blog post which dug into the Google app's latest beta. Most of the core features aren't working, which leads the tipster to believe the integration will land as a server-side update.

However, several strings were discovered which apparently indicate that all of the features Bard offers web users will be available through the Google app on mobile. Users may find tools for taking and uploading photos for Bard to look at directly through the new integrated UI.

Additionally, the AI extensions Google recently rolled out for Bard have been found, as well. This means the chatbot can piggyback off your Gmail content, YouTube, Calendar, and Maps for any queries.

A few examples of some additional strings are as follows:

  • Drafting email
  • Export to Docs
  • Draft in Gmail
  • Image Picker
  • Tell Bard exactly what you want it to use. Just type @ and the name of your extension, like @youtube or @gmail
  • Bard can now access info from Maps, YouTube, Flights, and Hotels so you can bring ideas to life easier and faster

One string involves turning off the Bard integration with Google Assistant. In the code, it's mentioned that doing so will from it from Search and it will no longer respond to the "Hey Google" prompt nor the long press alternative. Essentially, this is a reversion back to the original Assistant sans any AI software input.

Another relatively easy discovery was the existence of a new Google Assistant app icon that prominently showcases Bard's starry design. Upon tapping, a new splash screen will appear, welcoming users to "Assistant with Bard." Moreover, once the update rolls out, users should find a quick message asking if they'd like to "upgrade to the new Assistant powered by Bard" and to try it out.

Lastly, current speculation speaks to this newfound integration arriving for the Pixel 8 series before other devices. This could be attributed to a few AI features that Google is keeping exclusive to its latest flagship series for the moment.

Google teased and talked about some of the goodies users can come to expect once "Assistant with Bard" rolls out to eligible devices. The merge is expected to arrive on Android and iOS in "the coming months." However, the company is planning on rolling the new features out to early testers before the masses can actually play around with it.

For now, there's no word on when this beta will start, but (hopefully) we won't have to wait long before it appears.

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