Google's Circle to Search may gain some useful updates for sharing and more

The Google Pixel 8 Pro's vibrant display outside
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What you need to know

  • A dive into Google's Circle to Search code seemingly shows two new updates on the way: "Copy Image" and "Share Image."
  • The former option will let users edit the snapshot they've taken through the Android editor before placing it elsewhere.
  • "Share Image" lets users in Circle to Search quickly share what they've highlighted instead of running a query through the Search engine.

Google's Circle to Search seems primed to pick up two new options that could help speed up our queries and sharing.

As spotted by AssembleDebug via PunikaWeb, Google's gesture-based search feature is preparing to roll out the "Copy Image" and "Share Image" options. When tapping the former, the code suggests users will be able to copy what is contained within Circle to Search's frame. After which, the captured snapshot will be thrown into the device's image editor.

Users are said to find extra options like editing, annotations, and a share option for "supported apps."

The tipster discovered that the "Share Image" option only lets users quickly send what they've screenshot to others. When Circle to Search is active, highlighting a specific area and tapping "Share Image" will immediately produce Android's sharing sheet full of contacts and apps.

It also seems that users can toss that screenshot into their Cloud storage.

Additionally, Google is preparing to alter the design of the area of selection users see when using Circle to Search. Instead of the rounded corners that put things into a frame, users will soon see the classic pull tabs, similar to highlighting text, which should make it easier to adjust the selected area.

The tipster suggests Google is preparing to bring these new additions to Circle to Search on Pixel devices. But it seems fair to expect these features and changes to arrive on Samsung's Galaxy S24 series, too.

Google revealed its AI-powered Circle to Search back in January. The feature lets Pixel 8 series owners and the Galaxy S24 search for items by scribbling, highlighting, or tapping items on their display. Doing so will produce a small menu from the bottom of the UI that features Google Search's answer to whatever was selected. 

Moreover, users have the option to add a question alongside the snapshot Circle to Search popped into the engine. Highlighting clothing options brings up relevant retail options from across the web.

In March, Google brought the handy AI feature to even more Android devices, such as the Pixel 6, Pixel 7, Pixel Fold, and Pixel Tablet. Samsung even rolled it out for all of its flagship devices launched in 2023. Circle to Search was upgraded during that time, as the company included translation functionality.

Users were given a translate icon (similar to Google Translate) that will automatically display a section's text in a preferred language.

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