Google Calendar for the web gains Tasks view in full-screen mode

Google Calendar on the web on a laptop.
(Image credit: Namerah Saud Fatmi / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google Calendar for the web brings a new task icon on the top bar.
  • Clicking on it will open your Google Tasks and associated lists in full-screen view.
  • The feature is part of a new update being rolled out to Workspace consumers.

After combining Reminders from Google Calendar and Google Assistant with Google Tasks, the search giant is offering a convenient way to view them through Google Calendar for the web.

The company notes in an accompanying Workspace post that users will be able to view all their tasks and task lists right on the Google Calendar application on the web, in full-screen mode.

Google is adding new clickable buttons to view the calendar (in month view) and tasks. Clicking on Google Tasks will take users to an organized view of their tasks and corresponding lists, where they can interact with them like they usually do. The new full-screen access is significantly better to look at, particularly if you have a long list of tasks assigned to yourself.

Even in full-screen mode, users can individually select the task list they want to see and hide others by unchecking them. Additionally, they can check their "starred" tasks and create them from the Google Calendar application.

Full screen view of tasks on Google Calendar

(Image credit: Google)

"In addition to an optimized desktop layout, this update makes it easier for you to stay on top of and organize your tasks," Google says in the blog post.

The company further indicates that the update rollout has already begun for all Google Workspace customers and users with their personal Google accounts.

As mentioned, the merge of Reminders from Google Calendar and Assistant began early this year, which essentially combined all the to-do items from Gmail, Calendar, Docs, and Chat on the web under the same "Google Tasks" roof. Transferring them is also quite simple (here's a quick how-to on it).

With the new update rolling out, Google makes it much easier to view them, especially for users who rely on their to-do lists daily.

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