There's more in store for Google's Gemini 'Live' and your lock screen

Google Gemini on Android at MWC 2024
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What you need to know

  • The Google app's latest beta contains code regarding Gemini AI extensions on the lock screen and a "background mode."
  • The former should let users leverage Gemini's extensions like Maps, Flights, and YouTube, while also receiving answers to questions from the lock screen.
  • "Background mode" regards the upcoming Gemini Live feature and will allow the bot to keep its ears open when users enter other apps.

A discovery shows Google's plans to bring Gemini's smarts to your lock screen while also plugging more into its "Live" feature.

A deep dive into version 15.27 of the Google app's beta by 9to5Google unearthed signs of "Gemini on lock screen" and a background mode. Regarding the former, it seems Google plans to let users take advantage of Gemini's capabilities through its extensions without unlocking their phones.

A surfaced splash page for the feature teases users can utilize "Gemini even when your screen's locked." The description adds, "you can now message, find music, get location-based information, and more with extensions." The publication found that users will likely have access to Google's full array of Gemini extensions for Maps, YouTube, Flights, and Hotels.

Additionally, there are toggles for Messages, Workspace apps, and Home Automation for your smart devices. Users can even toggle an option to "get help" from Gemini if they have questions.

The other side of the latest beta discovery involves Gemini "Live," which is a feature Google discussed during I/O 2024. This "background_mode" is stated to let users continue to leverage Gemini's Live chats "while using other apps" and when your device is locked. The feature suggests that Gemini is always active and listening to a user's questions.

As such, ending Gemini's "live chat" can be done by saying "Stop" aloud or by ending it manually via the notification banner.

The Google Gemini app

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During I/O 2024, Google detailed a Gemini spinoff dubbed "Live," which is positioned to be a voice-first version of the AI model. With the model acting more like OpenAI's ChatGPT-4o, users can serve up queries to the software and receive an appropriate answer in return. We learned that Google is preparing to debut the feature with 10 different voices and "interrupt mid-response with clarifying questions."

Users aren't expected to see the Gemini Live launch until later this year when it will land in the hands of Gemini Advanced.

While we wait, another feature involving Gemini was spotted earlier this month and could have some interesting uses. Google is in development of a "drag and drop" feature for Gemini's pop-up window. Users can split the AI into two different instances for separate text conversations.

Luckily, it doesn't seem that Google plans to make this a Pixel exclusive as a piece of code referenced Samsung with the new feature.

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