Gemini on Android might let users clone its pop-window for dual use

The Google Gemini app
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What you need to know

  • Google's latest Gemini app beta version contains signs of a new "drag and drop" feature in development for Android.
  • The feature would let users make a copy of Gemini's initial pop-up window to then place at the top of their display for split-screen use.
  • Google recently brought Gemini in Messages to more Android devices following Pixel and Galaxy phones.

A find in Gemini's code on Android shows Google's apparent interest in boosting its abilities, by offering a split screen addition.

A dive into the Gemini app on Android's latest beta version by Android Authority showcases a feature that lets users split the AI's initial pop-up window. It's unclear when this will roll out. However, version 15.26.34 shows that users can "drag and drop" a new window by long-pressing the pop-up's handle.

This window is produced by swiping up from the bottom right of Android's UI.

After enabling the appropriate flag, long-pressing the handle copies Gemini's initial window before displaying Android's typical, vertical split screen view on phones. The beta shows that the second window appears as a more compact version of the main Gemini app with your Google account icon visible, alongside some suggested queries and the pill-shaped text box.

The original window remains at the bottom with the same design that Android users are used to seeing when producing Gemini through its swipe command. In testing, the publication states that users can converse with Gemini in both windows without issue.

Dragging the bottom window up by its handle will remove the cloned copy and vice versa.

While the beta's code shows Gemini's cloned pop-up window on a phone's split view, it seems likely that this will arrive for tablets, too. It also seems like this won't be Google Pixel exclusive, as a string referencing Samsung was found for this "drag and drop" feature.

The Gemini app might pick up a "drag and drop" feature on Android.

(Image credit: Android Authority)

In June, Google finally started rolling out its AI Gemini for Messages on more phones. Devices with 6GB of RAM or more can utilize the software's abilities, such as drafting text messages or asking questions about any topic. Conversating with Gemini in Messages will create its own thread for easy rediscovery. For a while, the AI was only available in Messages for Pixel and Galaxy devices.

Google highlighted its work to bring Gemini's AI smarts to the school system by incorporating teen student accounts and tools for teachers. Students will soon be able to ask Gemini questions; however, the company states that guardrails are in place to ensure a child's safety.

Tools for teachers involve a bolstered Read Along in Classrooms and the ability to assign reading material to students based on their reading data.

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