Step streaks and more are coming back to the Fitbit app

The new Fitbit app will soon gain a battery percentage icon for connected devices.
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What you need to know

  • Fitbit states user feedback is the reason behind "Steps streak" returning to the app and being introduced on Android for the first time.
  • Celebrations for step goals met, "Today" tab improvements and more customizable focus metrics are arriving soon, too.
  • Fitbit states many of its improvements (including dark mode) will arrive on Android and iOS "over the next few months."

After a wave of user feedback, Fitbit is detailing some improvements it plans to make to its redesigned mobile app.

According to a Fitbit blog post, the company states that "Steps streak" will soon make a return to the app. If this is unfamiliar, it's because this feature was previously only available for iOS users. However, after the outcry, Fitbit will return the feature and introduce it for the first time to Android owners.

This should help getting those steps in feel a little more rewarding — and the ones you've already tallied will be taken into account, too. The fitness-focused brand mentions a user's "daily step goal" will soon deliver a celebration whenever that number is met, as well.

The "Today" screen is also sitting pretty for some touch-ups. Fitbit adds that the screen will see a reduction in spacing, so it's easier to read alongside some optimizations. Similarly, the customizable "focus" centerpiece will gain additional aspects to change so users can further fine-tune it to their unique goals.

Lastly, the company states the app will gain a battery percentage for your connected device on the Today tab in the top left corner. This should function as an easier alternative instead of heading into the "Connected to Fitbit" page just to view your battery.

All of these features, and dark mode, are said to be on the way "over the next few months."

Google Pixel Watch 2 hands-on

(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

Fitbit redesigned its Android and iOS app nearly a month before Google launched its latest wave of products. Considering the two have a deep integration on the Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2, it made sense that the timing was so close. The company's app revamp simplified the app into three distinct tabs, which should hold everything those focused on their well-being might look for throughout the day.

However, with simplification comes cutbacks, and thanks to users voicing their opinions, it looks like there's some character returning to the app.

Moreover, the Pixel Watch 2 launched with some new Fitbit UI, which directly mirrors the design language seen on the mobile app. The original smartwatch gained those same alterations as Fitbit entered a new era in its design and features.

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