Bard Advanced is coming to the Google app — with a familiar catch

Asking Google Bard a question on a Google Pixel 7 Pro phone
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What you need to know

  • A dive into the Google app's code shows the company is preparing to work "Bard Advanced" into it for Android users.
  • Bard Advanced will require users to pay for a subscription, but it's worth noting that every feature may not be available on mobile.
  • It was previously discovered that Bard Advanced may be tied to Google One's subscription tiers when it launches "early" in 2024.

It looks like "Bard Advanced" is coming to the Google app on Android devices but not without asking more from the user.

As spotted by AssembleDeBug on X, Bard Advanced is being prepared for the Google app, however, users will need to pay for a subscription to use its tools. A string in the code deep dive states, "This conversation was created with Bard Advanced. Subscribe to Bard Advanced on the web to continue this conversation."

Furthermore, it was discovered that users should find options to enable or disable Bard's advanced mode. Furthermore, the tipster added some of the mode's features won't be available on mobile.

A price tag on Google's upcoming Bard Advanced is nothing new as a previous code discovery showed the company may tie it with Google One. It hasn't been narrowed down to whether the feature will be tied to all of Google One's provided tiers or simply the more expensive ones when this launches. However, it was found that users may be given three months of access for free when the mode debuts.

This happened shortly after Google revealed its new AI model, Gemini, and its three sizes. The model's largest and most advanced variant, Ultra, is still being worked on, but Google said it will be the driving force behind Bard Advanced. 

Ultra was said to handle "highly complex tasks," meaning such features falling within this category will be locked behind a paywall for Bard.

A Bard leak earlier in January showed several features Google is in development like bot creation and a "Gallery" for inspiration. While some features may not happen, Bard Advanced quickly appeared, meaning users who've subscribed for it will likely find more features natively in Bard's web application.

Google is running tests with a few users for Bard Advanced before rolling it out. The company teased during its Gemini reveal that it will look to launch the advanced mode "early" in 2024.

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