Leaked Google Bard features involve creating bots and a 'Gallery' for inspiration

Asking Google Bard a question on a Google Pixel 7 Pro phone
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What you need to know

  • A lengthy leak spills a few features Google is development of for Bard, beginning with "Motoko" that could let users create their own bots.
  • "Gallery" is said to be an AI discovery feature that could provide a daily rotation of prompt examples for users to get into, covering a range of topics.
  • "Bard Advanced with Google One" shows up again, detailing users could gain three months access to its features before reaching for their wallets.

Leaked information may have dropped the ball on a few features on Google's AI chatbot, Bard.

The discoveries stem from Dylan Roussel on X who posted a lengthy thread covering six features the company is in development of (via SamMobile). The first feature, dubbed "Motoko," may let users "create bots." Information is scarce at the moment, however, forcing it to appear in the code seems to show a sidebar full of "Your Motokos."

There's even an option to "create Threads," which isn't explained much.

Next, "Power Up" was discovered to be in development, possibly pointing toward a way users can "improve" their prompts. Roussel theorizes users would be able to run a prompt through the AI first, which would deliver tips to make it better. 

"Tasks" is another feature that is said to let users "manage long-running tasks, such as generating images."

The image feature continues with Google allegedly working on a "Gallery" tool for Bard. It's designed as a bit of AI discovery, giving users insight into the various capabilities and features Bard is packed with. Assumedly, Gallery will display prompt examples that cover a wide range of topics for users just getting into the chatbot.

Something similar already exists in Bard, as users opening its page are given a welcome screen followed by several suggestions to get things going.

There appears to be a "Share foreground/background" tool that'll let users customize the links they share with others. Additionally, the tipster found "Bard Advanced with Google One," which piggybacks off Google Gemini.

It's worth mentioning that nothing is set in stone as Google may not move forward with these features.

The reappearance of Bard Advanced with Google One doubles down on what we saw yesterday (Jan. 4). A paid version of Bard for certain features was spotted in the code of Bard's main website, showing users could snag its services for three months for free. After that, a Google One subscription would be needed to access the platform. It's also unclear how expensive the company could make Bard Advanced within the tiers of Google One.

For now, Bard Advanced is going through a feedback gauntlet as Google tests it with a small group of invited users. Although, when the company debuted its new Gemini AI model in December, it mentioned that the "Bard Advanced experience" would arrive early in 2024.

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