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Apparent AT&T-friendly Nexus S appears on Samsung support site

The rumors of a version of the Nexus S that's friendly to the 850 and 1900MHz bands that AT&T uses -- and that will be released in the United States and not require importing -- have circulated for a while. We found it tipped in code in late February. Looks like we might be closer to an actual release, as the GT-9020A is on Samsung's support site, with some AT&T markings on the page to boot.

Still no word on any release date or pricing, but we'd image it'd be along the lines of the T-Mobile version of the Nexus S, at $529 off-contract at Best Buy. [Samsung (opens in new tab) via Pocketnow]

  • and I bet no side loading of Apps
  • It's a Nexus device. AT&T has no control over the OS. Just because it has AT&T compatible freqs doesn't mean it's sold by them. Same as the Nexus One.
  • And Verizon is left as the only carrier without a Nexus.
  • Verizon wont get one because they want to load all of their crapware on it the sad thing is if they wanted to stop people from rooting this would be the best way to do it since we dont have all the bloatware on it and would stay up to date as soon as google pushes the update.
  • It still cracks me up that ppl will jump on a 5 to 6 hundred dollar phone but when the 10 inch first in its class xoom came out for 8 the same ppl were in an uproar about it. I agree with them kinda. While the xoom should be cheaper any smart phone should be $100 on contract $300 off. This 5 and 6 business is ludicrous.
  • Most smartphones cost ~$270 to build, a company would make be selling at a loss for $300
  • Just to elaborate, here's a breakdown of the manufacturing cost of some of the most popular high-end smartphone from last year. The cost of parts seems to hover just under $200, which doesn't include labor and shipping costs, much less R&D overhead.
  • They say the same thing for game systems. So why do the prices go down after months? The hardware expense does not go down that much. These companies are full of shit.
  • After months there are bigger and better things on the market. You obviously don't understand how businesses work or think to expect such ludicrous prices on products.
  • Thing is the phone has been out since like Nov. in AWS. It was a real good phone back then, and still is nice. $600 is a bit much, I can see it at maybe $500.00. I do have to say, buying an unbranded phone is a joy, no bloat, no crapware. If somebody doesn't wish to get into the whole rooting and rom thing, there isn't a big reason to root.
  • AT&T has side loading of apps locked how is this going to work. Plus AT&T sucks I would never buy a phone branded AT&T, they are just like apple too much control thats why they were together for so long.
  • It isn't ATT branded, it just supports ATT 3g bands.
  • The Nexus S compatible with AT&T is available now. In fact, I have one. Hit me via private message and I'll share all the info.
  • Lies... Ship me the phone to prove it :D I do believe I will be dumping my captivate for this Nexus S. Free range android all the way.