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    WhatsApp is a leading non-SMS messaging app that's available on several platforms but has seen dramatic success on Android with over 1 billion app installs. The app lets you send messages with text, pictures and video, and also has the ability for group messages, all without any carrier charges or involvement. WhatsApp ties into your contacts list to keep it up to date at all times without the need to add or edit friends manually.

    One of its biggest draws (and growth areas) is that WhatsApp works internationally without a hitch.

    Facebook acquired WhatsApp in February 2014 for over $16 billion, but the app has since operated independently with little or no intervention from the new parent company. It continues to be one of the most popular messaging apps in the world.


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    WhatsApp now supports in-line Instagram and Facebook videos

    Available first on iOS. When you share a YouTube video in WhatsApp, tapping on the link allows you to watch that video right within your conversation thread without having to leave it and open the full YouTube app. Today, similar functionality is now available for Instagram and Facebook videos...

    WhatsApp gets group video calls, video chat coming to Instagram

    Video call all the things. During Facebook's F8 conference on May 1, the company announced new video-centric features that are coming to two of its most popular apps – WhatsApp and Instagram. Starting first with WhatsApp, the communications tool is finally getting support for group video calls...

    WhatsApp founder leaves the company after privacy disputes with Facebook

    Koum says it's "time for me to move on." Jan Koum, the Co-Founder and CEO of WhatsApp, is officially leaving the company, reportedly as a result of various clashes and disagreements with Facebook. The Washington Post: Conflicts soon arose over how WhatsApp would make money. Facebook...

    BlackBerry sues Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp for patent infringements

    Facebook will be contesting the suit. Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are three of the biggest names in the social media space, and they're all being sued by BlackBerry for infringing on patents the company holds for its BlackBerry Messenger app. BlackBerry officially filed the lawsuit on...

    WhatsApp beta testers can now send payments in India

    Similar to other payment solutions, WhatsApp uses UPI for sending and receiving money. For almost a year at this point, we've known that WhatsApp has been toying with the idea of adding a peer-to-peer payment service for its users in India. A move like this makes sense for the company, and...

    How to track, star, and delete messages with WhatsApp for Android

    Sending messages is easy, but what do you with them after the fact? Sure, sending messages is great, but how do you know the recipient is even reading them? What if you want to save some special messages for later? What is someone is throwing shade and you want to delete that nasty message?...
    Google Files Go

    Google's Files Go app uses AI to declutter your phone

    Google's Files Go app has a special filter to delete those annoying 'Good Morning' messages. Millions of Indians are making their way online for the first time, discovering new ways to connect and share with friends and family. And because WhatsApp usage is ubiquitous in the country, they land on...

    WhatsApp group chat security flaw: What you need to know

    Relax, nobody is going to be hacking your WhatsApp messages, at least not this way. A lot of talk went down recently about a new way to exploit WhatsApp and bypass the end-to-end encryption the company likes to mention that it has whenever it can. I've seen tweets and comments that run the gamut...

    Instagram is letting some users share their Stories on WhatsApp Status

    The feature that Stories deserves. Over the past couple years, it seems like everyone is trying their hand at their own 'Stories' feature. After Snapchat launched Stories in 2013, we've seen Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and even Skype try to get in on the action as well. Now, Instagram has...

    WhatsApp now lets you delete messages so recipients can't see them

    Giving you some protection against drunk texts. We've all been there before: maybe you made a typo, perhaps you sent a text to the wrong person, or maybe an adult beverage encouraged you to send something you shouldn't have. Whatever the case, there are situations throughout life where being...

    WhatsApp is unveiling its own emoji, but they look a lot like the iPhone's

    WhatsApp has unveiled its own emoji, starting with the Android app. Love them or hate them, emoji are a great way to convey meaning with text messages. With plain text, it can be difficult to gauge someone's emotions. Emoji can be used to better understand the messages intent, or at least make...

    Chinese government blocks WhatsApp ahead of Communist Party meeting

    WhatsApp falls to the Great Firewall. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and most Google services are blocked in China, and WhatsApp is now joining that list. As reported by The New York Times, the Chinese government is cracking down on the Facebook-owned messaging service, with users all over the...