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    Spotify is a hugely popular music subscription service launched out of Sweden in 2008 that boasts one of the largest libraries in the streaming space. Part of its appeal is its more global approach than some of its competitors, and that Spotify is available truly cross platform. Mac or Windows, Android, iOS or Windows Phone, Spotify is available to them all.

    In Europe, Spotify is pretty much the King of the hill. While the United States had alternatives such as Pandora and Rdio, Europe had Spotify. As such its well established in that part of the world, while still struggling to make serious in-roads in North America.

    If you can think of an artist or album, there's a good shot Spotify can serve something up for you. Then you can also create a radio station based on it to help discover great new music. Want the music but don't want to pay? Not a problem, as Spotify now offers mobile access to its streams through its Android and iOS applications so long as you don't mind things being shuffled.

    A Premium subscription at £9.99/€9.99/$9.99 a month gives you offline access to every single one of its 20 million odd songs in 55 different countries around the world.


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    Spotify's Android app is crashing on users when streaming songs via Wi-Fi

    A new version of the app should fix the issue soon. Spotify is my music streaming service of choice, as it probably is for a lot of you reading this. For many users, unfortunately, a bug with the most recent version of the Android app is making it unusable. On May 16, user Danalite took to the...

    Spotify vs. Google Play Music: Which should you subscribe to?

    Which music service is right for you? Music subscriptions can help set the tone for your life, as the music you listen to day in and day out can help keep your energy up, your mood stable and bright, and your fingers tapping out a rhythm. As someone who never, ever leaves home without headphones...

    Spotify Free app update: Everything you need to know

    Spotify's app has needed on overhaul for a while, and it came to its non-paying users first. Spotify's Free service is — at its heart — meant to lure you in and then convince you to pay for Premium, To this end, Spotify has rolled out a shiny new update to its Android app that's meant to help...

    Spotify revamps its mobile app, adds on-demand listening for free users

    Free users are also getting recommended playlist creation and a low-data mode. During a recent event in New York City, Spotify talked about a heap of new goodies that are in the works for its mobile app and free users. Looking first at the new app, there are visual changes in tow for just about...

    Spotify and Hulu can now be purchased together for just $12.99/month

    You'll be saving $5/month compared to subscribing separately for each one. In the world of streaming services, Spotify's the top dog when it comes to music and Hulu's one of the most popular for TV/movies. Just like the winning combos of PB + J and ketchup + mayo, Spotify and Hulu are now joining...

    Don't miss out on this discounted Spotify gift card at Amazon

    This 15% discount is a Lightning deal, so you better move lightning fast. While supplies last, Amazon is offering the $60 Spotify gift card on sale today for only $51. We hardly ever see discounts on Spotify gift cards, unless it comes via a rare BOGO offer or 10% off. This is a Lightning deal...

    Spotify may announce its first hardware product on April 24

    The gadget is made for the car, but that's about all we know right now. This past February, Spotify created multiple job listings for "hardware production" positions. We initially speculated that the streaming service could be working on a smart speaker to go against the Amazon Echos and Google...

    Four tricks worth stealing from Apple Music

    "Good artists copy; great artists steal," is as true for music apps as it is for musical artists. If a feature is popular on one music app, it doesn't take long for it to start appearing on other apps. This happens more for big, bold features than it does for the sophisticated little touches...

    Apple Music vs. Spotify vs. Google Play Music: A music subscription showdown

    Our lives are filled with subscriptions, but none can impact our lives quite like a music subscription. We wake up to music. We go about our days to music. If we're happy, we're singing along. If we're sad, we're crooning. If we're mad, we will scream out every last note. Music makes us better,...

    Better legal streaming options are the best way to end piracy

    The best way to stop piracy is innovation, not censorship I watch a disgusting amount of Netflix these days — well, 'watch' might be the wrong word to use. Often, Netflix is just playing in the background while I do other things like folding laundry, browsing Reddit on my phone or, regrettably,...
    Spotify India

    Spotify is finally set to make its debut in India

    At an investor presentation, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek revealed that the streaming service will make its debut in India shortly. There's no shortage of streaming services in India right now: there are the local players like Saavn and Gaana that offer a myriad selection of regional and international...

    Spotify's 'Made For You' is a love letter to music addicts

    Spotify has the solution to your music curation woes, and they made it just for you. Finding something to listen to can be a tricky proposition for any music lover. Do I want something new? Do I want something familiar? Do I want something fun? Well, Spotify is known far and wide for their...