Spotify's 'Made For You' is a love letter to music addicts

Finding something to listen to can be a tricky proposition for any music lover. Do I want something new? Do I want something familiar? Do I want something fun? Well, Spotify is known far and wide for their algorithmic prowess, but the best example of it isn't the Discover Weekly or the year-end statistics. No, siree, the best use of Spotify's number-crunching genius is a little section in Your Library called Just For You.

When I began my affair with Spotify, everyone raved to me about Discover Weekly and Spotify's many playlists, but I'm a girl of particular tastes. When Discover Weekly fell flat, I stuck to my traditional playlists and a few favored albums. However, days into my Spotify experience, something wonderful happened: my Just For You section in Spotify began populating with Daily Mixes. Spotify's Daily Mixes can pick up on your listening habits, the trends around the music you listen to, and extrapolate them into a never-ending radio station that's — well — just for you.

As your history with Spotify grows, your Daily Mixes can evolve and expand, too. You can refine them just like you would any other radio station by hearting and blockin songs as you go, and since the Daily Mixes adjust daily to reflect the songs you've listened to in the previous 24 hours, that means that while Discover Weekly will give you new music once a week, Daily Mixes can give you new music every day based on what you listened to yesterday.

The mixes aren't completely infallible. Like any other algorithm on Spotify, they can miss, and your Daily Mixes can overlap, especially if you listen to a few particular styles of music constantly. It also seems to be persistent when trying to add some albums or artists to certain genre mixes, but as you listen and as you rate, you make your mixes better.

Made for me and you

I'm a playlist junkie, but my Daily Mixes are rapidly becoming my go-to when the inevitable question arises: what do I want to listen to today? Do Daily Mixes hit the spot for you as you use Spotify? How many Daily Mixes do you have? Tell us in the comments!

Ara Wagoner

Ara Wagoner was a staff writer at Android Central. She themes phones and pokes YouTube Music with a stick. When she's not writing about cases, Chromebooks, or customization, she's wandering around Walt Disney World. If you see her without headphones, RUN. You can follow her on Twitter at @arawagco.

  • It hits the spot pretty good for me. It seems like I keep getting the same songs each time I use this though, which are songs that I really liked at one time but not as much anymore. It's a last resort for me.
  • Uh, I don't think they aren't all that great. They just play the same songs from the same artists repeatedly. Liking certain songs doesn't see to change much. One feature that would improve it is the ability to combine a couple of them or perhaps play all at once on a shuffle mode. I have the same complaints (and suggestion) for Spotify's "radio stations"...
  • After using Groove for so long, the Spotify UI is so God awful compared to Groove, that I just hate using it.
  • Coming from Google Play Music, Spotify's UI is just a punch in the gut.
  • It's so completely bizarre to me that Google has let Spotify eat it's lunch with this AI music service of theirs. Google, of all companies, hasn't done a single thing interesting with it's music service, while Spotify gets all of these amazing new features (what feels like) every week.
  • Spotify is pretty bad at guessing what I like. The daily Playlists are okay but most of the time they are filled with music I already have in my library.
  • This is true, and for all its flaws that you pointed out on the past articles, this is one of the features that make Spotify a really strong contender against other music streaming services
  • I never cared about it because it seemed it only played music it was already in my Playlists. So I stopped using it. Discover weekly however it's quite interesting. But regardless I'm thinking of switching back to Napster since I get a better deal trough T-mobile and I like their UI better (except for Spotify's beautiful looking black background on my AMOLED screen)
  • I have 6 daily mixes that populate my Spotify, but with my actual playlist ranging from 500 songs to 5000 songs the daily mixes are a crap shoot! Other then that I've been rocking Spotify USA since 2011.