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How did we share pictures before Instagram? How did we view anything with an aspect ratio greater than 1:1? Photos were rectangles? That's just ... Well, not square. But we now live in an Instagram world. The app — which spent much of its early months as an iOS-only affair — quickly grew as a mobile-only service on which you could easily take and share photos, applying any number of filters (for better or worse) in the process.

How popular was Instagram? In just a year and a half, it went from inception in October 2010 to being purchased by Facebook in April 2012 for what at the time was a jaw-dropping $1 billion. (For more on that, read Kara Swisher's excellent piece in Vanity Fair.) Instagram has since gone tit-for-tat with Twitter, Vine and Snapchat, adding the ability to send a picture directly to another user, and the ability to record and share video.

Fast forward to today, and Instagram is a staple app on Android. It's how we share our lives. It's another way we communicate. And it's showing no signs of stopping.

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Instagram is letting some users share their Stories on WhatsApp Status

The feature that Stories deserves. Over the past couple years, it seems like everyone is trying their hand at their own 'Stories' feature. After Snapchat launched Stories in 2013, we've seen Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and even Skype try to get in on the action as well. Now, Instagram has...

Instagram now shows posts from accounts you don't follow in your main feed

Like it or not, recommended posts are now part of your feed. Throughout December alone, Instagram's made some fairly big updates to its main feed. The middle of the month saw a new option to follow hashtags to keep up to date with trends/topics that you're interested in, and just about a week ago...

Instagram's Android app gets 'add a comment' button in main feed

Now you can tell your aunt how cute her cat is even faster. Instagram's added a heap of new features to its app throughout the year (both big and small), and the latest addition to it aims to make commenting on photos/videos easier than ever. As part of a server-side update that's rolling out...

Instagram now lets you follow hashtags in your main feed

Stay up to date with all of your interests. Hashtags have been a part of Instagram since forever, and as fun as it is to look up #cats or #pugs, they've always required extra work on the user's part. Adding hashtags to your own posts is easy enough, but if you actually want to look at other photos...

Instagram is testing a standalone messaging app because why not

Available now as part of a test in six select countries. After starting out as a simple way for sharing photos with friends, family, and random followers, Instagram has grown into a fairly bloated app these days. Along with your regular feed, there's the Instagram Explore Tab for finding photos...

Instagram Stories on Android: Everything you need to know

Instagram is the most popular photo-sharing social network, and Stories is one of its most intimate components. A few years ago, Instagram was just a simple competitor to services like VSCO and Hipstamatic, known for heavy-handed filters, square crops, and hashtags. Today, with over 700 million...

Instagram testing Regram feature, GIFs in Stories, and more

REGRAM – IT'S FINALLY COMING To say that Instagram's added a few new features to its app over the years would be a huge understatement. Instagram's now more feature-rich than ever with the likes of direct messages, Stories, live streams, etc., and according to a report from The Next Web, there's...

Instagram adds option for 'remixing' photos that friends send to you

Remixing photos and customizing how often friends can view direct messages are both part of the Instagram v24 update. Instagram recently released version 24 of its Android app, and included with this are two new features specifically for Instagram Direct. The first, and biggest, of these two...

Instagram now lets you livestream with a friend

Instagram is continuously adding more and more features to its app to make sharing your moments as fun and easy as possible, and while it can feel bloated at times, some of the updates are actually pretty neat. Instagram is now rolling out version 20 of its official application, and the big new...

Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are down. Are you affected?

It's not you it's then: Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp down for some users. Facebook and its related networks, Instagram and Whatsapp, experienced an outage that prevented some users from accessing either the entire service or some functionality within the service. No word yet on how many...

How to stop Facebook and Instagram notifications from driving you crazy

Before you delete Facebook for being annoying, take a dive into the notification settings. Quick story time: A few weeks back I went camping out in the remote wilderness for the weekend. We were well out of my carrier's range and so I was unable to check on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for...

Instagram taking new steps to reduce offensive and spammy comments using machine learning

Everything helps in the fight against spam. In the seemingly never-ending fight against spam and generally low-quality comments on the internet, Instagram is taking new approaches in cleaning up comments on photos and videos. Instagram says it's the next step in its commitment to "foster kind,...



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