AOL launching their own Google Reader replacement, request an invite on June 24

Another suitor enters the arena for the post-Google Reader world, Android app and third-party API included

AOL -- remember them? -- has quietly emerged as yet another potential Google Reader replacement, with the launching of AOL Reader. Launch is a pretty soft word to use at the moment as it's pretty much impossible to get in, though the folks at Engadget -- another AOL company -- say that invite requests will be accepted from June 24. Of particular interest is the news that AOL Reader will come at some point with an Android application, and that the API will be made available for third-party apps to hook into. 

Importing your Google Reader feeds into AOL Reader will require the use of an OPML file, so a little more involved than something like Feedly. But, since we're only about a week out from Reader being closed and AOL Reader isn't ready for the big time just yet, it's something that we should expect. Sign in to AOL Reader can be done with an AOL account -- if you ever had one -- or with Facebook, Twitter or your Google account. 

Source: Engadget

Richard Devine