Anybody else get a Droid Charge early?

It's the feel-good story of the year. Boy calls Target. Target has Droid Charge. Boy drives to Target, buys Droid Charge, but it won't activate. Target/Radio Shack dude does a little magic, and the Droid Charge is up and running.

And that's just one of many stories floating around the Android Central Forums -- the greatest Android Forums around, by the way.

We still don't know exactly when the Droid Charge will officially go on sale -- a Tuesday re-launch following last week's postponement due to an LTE outage seems to have fallen through. But handfuls of you are getting them. And that sort of thing makes us feel all warm and fuzzy.

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Phil Nickinson
  • The picture suggests the reason Phil feels so warm and fuzzy is because he hadn't gotten out of bed yet when he posted this. ;-)
  • warm and,fuzzy next to the ipad2 :-(
  • iPad2? Phil, say it aint so!
  • iPad? Wtf
  • So busted.
  • Nice
  • Why and ipad 2?
  • iP2, Phil that is just sad. On a side note I did get to play with the Charge at my local VZW store. Super light, super fast, super frickin awesome screen, I mean HD but better. The one thing I would like to know is how much actual internal storage do we get out of the pathetic 2GB Samsung put in. I mean they make memory for a living and they only put 2GB in. The demo unit shows 1.04GB but I certainly hope its closer to 1.8 or 1.9GB. The phones are sitting in the stock rooms at the VZW stores, its not like they were recalled, they are sitting there waiting to be sold.
  • I hope people feel good about this phone, I mean its the 2nd LTE phone for Verizon. 4g is great if you get a signal where u live. My Evo is GREAT AND FAST on 4g, I don't care how much better non 4g phones are spec wise, once you go 4g its hard to go back. It's just great when loading pages or downloading and streaming music and movies with a faster connection when your not on a WiFi spot. To be honest, you won't really notice that much of a diff, I played with the epic 4g and theirs no way I would ever give up my Evo for it just because it can load a second faster the my Evo.
  • Just picked mine up from Best Buy. They wouldn't activate it for me, but tossed a SIM card into the box and when I got home I logged into my Verizon Wireless account and activated it online with no problem at all.
  • To everyone thats complaining about the iPad 2, it belongs to the OP from the forums, and not Phil. Just sayin'.
  • yes yes yes its my ipad 2, sorry i felt like spoiling myself with the best of both worlds. and even though they only have 2gb of internal thats fine because it comes with a 32gb sd, and lets remember ohhhh the thunderbolt had 8gb of which we could only use 2gb, all in all that dosen't matter take from a ipad2, htc thunderbolt, iphone 4 and now a droid charge owner this phone kicks a**, hdmi out, great battery life(sorry evo, thunderbolt, inc2 im sure) awesome screen, 4g lte nuff said.
  • A Samsung Droid!? Erm no thanks, I can see the update heartache now.
  • and what phone do u have and how many updates for it have you recieved
  • Wrong person.
  • your right about that , i have the droid incredible and ive only had one update. and i got this phone one lauch date
  • since when has Target begun selling this high quality of an Android phone? this must be one of those new test stores with mobile phone sites inside (RadioShack mobile) California?
  • Most Target stores have rolled out Target mobile. Yes, it is in partnership with RadioShack. They have a lot of the high end phones excluding the Thunderbolt for now. - a Target employee
  • thanks. the program hasn't reached out here in NC yet. most phones here are either still in the ugly lock-cases or pay-as-you-go locking Pegs.
  • Jeez guys... Why must a love for Android equal a hate for Apple? I own a Rooted, ROMed, OCed Fascinate and an iPad. They are both good at what they do... If I would have brought another Android device into my house to fiddle with constantly my wife may have divorced me :)
  • Who needs a wife anyway? They just suck the life force out of you.
  • that sounds like some gay shit if you ask me
  • I refuse to be one of those lame husbands who complains about their wife. Mine is awesome.
  • That's not all they suck out of ya!
  • This phone rooted with custom rom and kernel will ROCK! Will be better than the Thunderbolt IMO.
  • It has hdmi out? Nice.... That feature is not as prevalent as I thought it was going to be. I know not everyone uses it, but I use it quite frequently in my droidx. In fact, I used everyday for about a month to watch tv shows on my big screen. My next phone must have hdmi out. But thats just me...
  • So I got mine yesterday and after I paid for it they put the sim card in and attempted to activate it. They had to call verizon and the lady said"um, you won't be able to activate that phone until thursday cause it want supposed to sold until then". I said no problem and walked out of the store with it.i put a lame unboxing video on my youtube out of excitement.but couldn't get past the boot animation. I read this article earlier and decided to cal verizon myself. Within 15 minutes my phone was activated and I'm writing all this right now from it! I'm going to do a new youtube tomorrow with the phone. I will add going from the thunderbolt to this is night and day! P.s. All the stores have had them in stock since last week so if you can talk someone into selling it to you before thursday it CAN be activated! let me know if you have questions. E...
  • I think it is important to keep it simple.
  • I got the Droid Charge already available presale on my website. Shoot me an email for more information -
  • I went to Target today. As Target is selling the charge on it's website... I went and talked to the Target/Radio Shack girl and she called her boss to ask if she could sell it. She said, *YES". I thought I was good to go. She went and got the phone out of the back, started the sales process throught the computer, updating my info... When she determined they don't have any 4G Sim Cards yet... I was shut down. I called a few VZW and Best Buy stores around the Minneapolis market and they all are giving the CO. Line... "We don't know when it will be out...." I almost had one from Target today...