Firefox for Android pre-alpha updated, gets nightly builds

Blogger and Tech Lead of Mozilla's mobile devices team Stuart Parmenter has slipped out a new pre-alpha build for Android 2.x users.  He still warns that it's likely to be very buggy and isn't even close to ready for prime time, but for us curious types he has posted it on his blog here to download and play with.

It's considerably better running and a bit smaller (the download is 9.6 MB, and the install is now 25MB versus 30MB in size) than the last build.  I put it through the paces a little bit and found it to be quite a treat, especially knowing that it's still an early development version.  And interestingly enough, it outscores the native Android browser on the Acid3 test.  If you're feeling adventurous head over to Stuart's blog and give Fennec a spin.  [

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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