Another Android tablet straight 'outta Shenzen -- now with 20% more bezel!

Resistive screen? Check. Outdated version of Android? Check. Familiar looking box and logo? Check. Yes, all the makings of a cheap knockoff are in there.  Some people call them 'KIRFs' (Keeping It Real, Fake).  We call them .... well, we call them lots of things -- most of which aren't fit to print.  This one's a bit more interesting though.  Not because of the internals (they're still lackluster), but because of the lengths manufacturer Sanxi went to making this a complete clone of that other tablet.  Even the box is a pretty close replica. If you're wandering the streets of Beijing be on the lookout.  If you're not, just hit the source link for a chuckle or two.  [Tech, Travel and Tuna via Engadget]

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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