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Announcing our Valentine's Day contest winners

Back at the beginning of the month we decided to have a monster Valentine's Day contest. Now that it's closed, we're amazed at the response, and loved going through all the pictures. It's great putting a face to the names, ya know? Valentine's Day has come and gone, and Mrs. Nickinson has picked out a mess of winners. Since everyone wants to know if they won, here's your lists.

Winners of the Grand Prizes (one Nexus 4, one Nexus 7, two t-shirts)

Because there were so many great entries, we also picked eight runners-up, who will get a pair of t-shirts:

Congrats to everyone, and a big thanks for entering. If you're a winner, be sure to check the inbox of the email you used to register here at AC. We need a little information about where to send the prizes. Stay tuned for more great contests from the best damn Android site on the Internet.

Be sure to read through the break and check out the Grand Prize winning pictures.

JCfromtheBAY's winning entry

fastnasty's winning entry

justinbristoe's winning entry

marc9569's winning entry

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • Oh, boo. I didn't win. Definitely next time. These couples are so lovely though. Congrats!
  • Wow...
  • wow what? I see nothing that needed that reaction.
  • I was expecting the winners to have posted something original. Congrats to the winners anyway.
  • Warrenisit, I couldn't have said it better myself.
  • +1000000
  • This x1000 I mean I'm happy for the winners, but I was expecting a lot better than this... :l
  • Congrats to all the winners.
  • Had I known nonbiological entities are a valid entry I'd have shown a leather clad Lloyd whipping a bound and gagged iphone.
  • This was my favorite AC contest ever. :-D
  • Congrats To The Winners. Now, Forget Those Nice Nexus Devices, Where Do I Get That Cookie Jar.
  • I feel nasty and gushy inside, then I see the 2 Androids awwww lol
  • congrats all! Too bad you didn't pick us though..! :P
  • Dude....look at the reflection in the guys glasses of the picture of the felllas!!! He is using an iPhone...WFT?
  • And?
  • Maybe he hates it and wants to win some Nexus devices! We've converted another :P
  • I converted my partner to Android!!! Yes he did have an Iphone, and yes He is sorry! :-)
  • win
  • +9000 There is so much win in this comment. Congrats!!!
  • Congrats on the conversion, and congrats all.
  • actually congrats on the double conversion ;) anyway how did you two dudes win? that iphone camera looks horrible. that lens must be the same one that was used on my cell phone back in 2003.
  • So only 2 out of the 4 winners went to a photo with two human beings in it...
  • Are you being an ass and saying one of those people isn't human?
  • So the day after I took my pic for the contest, and just a few days before vday, my bf of a few years dumped me :'( .......was really hoping I'd at least win as a consolation. ::::sigh::::
  • sorry to hear about that buddy! Keep your head up and smile :-)
  • thanks :) .......the actual final "fight" was because of this contest. my first picture was of me and my dog and I guess it really struck a nerve with him. I changed it to a pic of him and I but he was still super pissed. I'm guessing it would have eventually happened anyway cause the signs were already there but it's just ironic that we broke up because of a vday contest.
  • Ironically the pic of you and your dog probably had a better chance at winning. Sorry for your heartache.
  • Lol maybe.........Thanks for the condolence, I definitely need it :/
  • congrats
  • Are you kidding me? What happened to mushy is better? Or originality?
  • I thought they weren't picked at random...
  • Was this a Valentines contest or a social statement by the editors? I certainly expected some better pictures to be picked rather than just picking stuff which appears to be trying to show how 'inclusive' Android Central is.
  • You speak about this as a bad thing. don't tolerate differences, celebrate them. Bravo Android Central. btw, your comments speaks volumes of your character Crimson.
  • Bestiality is a beautiful thing. Don't chastise Crimson for his fear of the unknown.
  • Don't get your panties in a twist just because Crimson is right. It has nothing to do with how they feel about the couples or how mushy or original they were. They picked them to show that they were 'diverse'. They shouldn't have won.
  • I didn't say it was a bad thing. I am saying that the contest appeared to be more of a social statement than a valentines day photo contest. I don't care if 2 men or 2 women are in the same picture but seriously we don't have a single same sex couple who submitted a good picture? The two best 'pictures' didn't include 2 humans as indicated by others. The other two were horrible pictures that just happened to show people of different races or the same sex. The last one didn't even include a single human.. As I read the contest rules it said include a picture of YOURSELF and if your don't have significant other then include your pet, phone, etc.. I didn't go through all the entries but I saw tons of them that were interesting, fun, and showed the spirit of the contest. And for the record I didn't enter, so there is no interest on my part as far as not being picked.
  • To be fair, the cookie jar entry was linked to another of the poster and his mother. Apparently the cookie jars were more photogenic. I didn't think he looked that bad!
  • Well that means they posted two pictures which was against the rules
  • It was obviously a joke. Loosen your panties.
  • Any chance of some explanation as to why the winners won? Was it the terrible composition or the inanimate objects that made them photographically and romantically superior? Also, judging by the relative sizes of the cookie jars, that relationship is illegal. Next time, if it's not going to be random, at least make it look like the judge had some idea about photography.
  • I don't think the judge even needs to know about photography. According to the post it looks like Phil's wife may have picked the winners. But it seems like the suggestions or spirit of the contest were not taken into account. They said include yourself, one picture didn't even do that.. and they also said to make it mushy.. none of the pictures even seem over the top mushy.
  • Congrats to all the winners! Wish we could have gotten something to everyone who entered. But this was a really great contest. To everyone who submitted, you have my thanks. Getting to see your smiling faces made a world of difference. :) To everyone who's getting bent out of shape here: Feel free to not enter our next contest.
  • Cherry-picking was always fraught with danger Phil... shoulda done it at random :)
  • Clearly you won't win unless you're a token anyway
  • There's quite a few of us "tokens" that didn't win either. Just saying.
  • You're right. Let me rephrase that- Obviously you won't win unless you're a token and have a lame picture.
  • Lol ok point taken......I don't necessarily agree but you made your point.
  • Come on Phil. I have only been here for like 2 years but all the contests I have seen haven't been like this. It's always 'Ahh thought I had a good chance. Oh well. Congrats to the winners.' You might get a few sore losers who think they have been cheated but not like this. This is the reverse. And you know why? Its cause everyone feels they have been wronged. In all of the other contests (The take Lloyd on an adventure contest for example) people have thought they had a good entry and then when the winners are picked everyone realizes that they have been out-done by the winners. That didn't happen here. My entry aside, there are way better entries the the ones chosen. Some didn't even follow the rules but were still picked. Something is just not right here.
  • I think the cookie jar guy did follow the rules as he indicated, his picture of him and his mother is fine.. looks like Jerry just didn't show the picture that did follow the rules. :) But I do agree with you in that in most contests you tend to go 'Wow - What an awesome picture'.. I scrolled through a bunch of them and found a lot of them extremely funny, creative, and interesting. Heck, the runner up with the 2 husbands under the 'Ferries' sign was hilarious and should have been picked over the winners IMHO.
  • "A couple fine points: This one's open to anyone, anywhere. One entry per person -- so make it good."
    -Phil (in the contest rules) "To those who are commenting on the cookie jar entry, I also had a photo of my mom and I linked to my post, not JUST the two androids. I just want to clear up some confusion."
    -marc9569 (the winner in question) Im not even talking about the fact that he wasn't in one of the pictures, I am talking about the fact that I needed to say "one of those pictures."
  • To those who are commenting on the cookie jar entry, I also had a photo of my mom and I linked to my post, not JUST the two androids. I just want to clear up some confusion.
  • Right. You followed the rules exactly as written :) I just grabbed the top picture in th post.
  • Shouldn't ya fix that?
  • I thought folks would like the cookie jar. I did. Shows how much I know.
  • Yeah, people think I didn't follow the rules because of that picture. Are you trying to ruin me?! Lol
  • I looked at EVERYONES entry and liked a lot of them. I saw the cookie jar/mom and son entry and thought it was sweet and awesome!
  • You're right. In a competition in which people are sharing romantic or special moments with people that mean the world to them, they are definitely going to support the comedy entry winning...
  • For what it's worth I thought the cookie jar picture was pretty awesome. It's one I would have chosen. Otherwise though I do think I fall into the disappointed category. I tried to do something clever so I could get a phone for my girlfriend across the pond because chat is the only way we have to talk to each other and she doesn't have a smartphone. I can't really think of non-cynical reasons for the other three winners, but such is life. Congrats on the win!
  • How do you guys choose the winners, there must be a method. Just curious because 99% of the winners are plain simple and blah, and the very creative ones never win.O_0
  • It's a simple contest. There's winners and non-winners. It's not like you lost anything by entering the contest. Be happy for those who won, as they were just as deserving as anyone else.
  • Should've emailed Jerry a nude
  • Congrats to all the winners!!!
  • Wow you give away free stuff and people get pissed. Who would have thought. Anyways congrats to the winners. I am jealous of the Nexus 4s, been wanting to try one.
  • My sentiments, exactly. That's the problem, nowadays; "everybody" feels entitled to free stuff. As soon as the word "contest" is mentioned, people automatically assume that they've won just by entering, and then they get into pissing matches with the winners, calling them cheaters, tokens, etc. The winners of the contests won't lose sleep over negative comments directed towards them. However, those of you showing your less-than-desirable-characteristics have to live with yourselves for the rest of your lives. Good luck...
  • I could care less who wins. I also hate the "entitlement" mentality... but in fairness, I don't think that's why people are disappointed. Honestly, I'm not surprised how this turned out. They never actually post how winners are determined. Enter and enjoy these contests... just be aware that there is no claim of fairness and you have no right to expect it. Don't stop playing the games... we enjoy seeing the creativity (even if that doesn't help your chances).
  • I think marc9569 should have to give the Nexus 7 to his mom :-)
  • The dog leaning on his owner's shoulder is easily the best out of the winners. (Slightly biased dog lover)
  • I appreciate the love for me and my dog. He was actually in trouble when that picture was taken. He is supposed to stay in the back when my wife and I are together in the truck. He kept climbing in her lap. I yelled at him so he was just kissing up. Since that pic of us won he was awarded with extra cookies tonight.
  • Excellent contest with a lot of great entries. Congratulations to the winners!
  • Congrats to all of the winners, and thanks to AC for this contest!
  • Congrats ~
  • Too Many Entries...not enough prices....still wonder how you guys pick the winners......HMMMM....
  • I didn't win, but I thought this was a great contest! Hopefully something similar for next Valentines. Congrats to all the winners. (I personally liked the one that was Teo'ing).
  • Congratulations to the winners!