The Anker Roav HydroClean 2100 PSI electric pressure washer is down to $119.99 with code ROAVLD99 on Amazon. The pressure washer normally sells for $150, and the drop to $120 is a match for a low we've seen a couple times before. Last time you had to combine a code with an on-page coupon to get it this low, so it's nice to see at least one step get eliminated.

It's fun

Anker Roav HydroClean 2100 PSI electric pressure washer amazon

Use this pressure washer to clean the side of your house, your porch, your driveway, or anywhere the dirt has just been building up.

$119.99 $150.00 $30 off

With coupon: ROAVLD99

The Roav HydroClean features an 1800W motor that can blast out 1.78 gallons per minute of water at 2100 psi. It comes with three nozzles to adjust its spray, along with a 26-foot long high-pressure hose and an extender wand. It's equipped with a 35-foot long cable too, though you might want to order an extension cord to use with it. Anker includes a one-year warranty in case you experience any issues with this purchase.

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