Anker's new 100W GaN charger is the only wall adapter you'll ever need

Anker Nano II 100w
Anker Nano II 100w (Image credit: Anker)

What you need to know

  • Anker launches its smallest 100W Gallium Nitride (GaN) charging adapter.
  • The Anker 736 Charger (Nano II 100W) is capable of charging up to three devices simultaneously.
  • The Nano II 100W will go on sale in March for $79.

Anker continues to make some of the best USB-C chargers on the market, and at CES 2022, the company adds to its repertoire of impressive wall adapters with its new Anker 736 Charger.

Also known as the Nano II 100W, the new adapter is capable of charging three devices at once thanks to its two USB-C ports and single USB-A port, making it fairly versatile. However, while it may support up to 100W, that figure is only for a single device, so you can expect lower wattage when charging multiple devices.

Anker claims its new charger is the "world's smallest 100W Gallium Nitride (GaN) wall charger." That's pretty impressive, considering there are quite a few contenders among the best 100W chargers. Still, the benefit of Gallium Nitride is that it can allow manufacturers to make more powerful and ever-smaller wall adapters instead of the bulky monstrosities we're used to.

Fortunately, the new Nano II 100W supports Programmable Power Supply (PPS) and Samsung Super Fast Charging, so it's an ideal charging adapter for just about any device and should be suitable for the upcoming Galaxy S22 series. And at 100W, you may be able to get away with charging up tablets and even some laptops with ease.

The new charging adapter comes in black or white and features a foldout plug design, and will retail for $79 when it goes on sale in March. This may be one to look out for now that more smartphones are increasing their charging speeds while removing wall charging adapters from the box.

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