Android Central Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking stuffers

Finding the right stocking stuffer is an acquired art.  If you have a loved one with an Android phone or tablet, or if there's one under the tree waiting for Christmas morning festivities, things just got easier.  Nothing is quite as fun as getting your new Android device set up just the way you like it, but trying out new chargers, cases, cards and other accessories is a close second.

Join us after the break as we check out some great stocking stuffers for the Android fan in the family. 

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Know what you're buying

A lot of accessories require the model of phone to be sure you're getting the right stuff.  If the phone is also a gift, you'll find this information right on the box -- so check before you wrap it up.  If you're shopping for someone who already has their Android phone, and they aren't always talking about what model it is (hey -- I'm guilty, too), you'll have to find out by other means.  Usually, a quick "hey, that's a cool phone.  What kind is it?" will get you the right answer.

The other thing you can do is check out our Android Central Device Guide -- it has just about every device available.

Cases are always a sure bet

You'll find all sorts of cases, in many styles and colors, but the one thing they all have in common is that they make for great stocking stuffers!

Holster cases: The absolute perfect gift for anyone hoisting around a duty belt, and the case of choice for many.  Holsters give you quick access, and keep the screen away from bumps and scratches.

Android cases

Leather cases:

A great gift for the business-type, or anyone who wants a case that looks great.  Leather cases come in many styles and colors, and there's bound to be the perfect match for anyone.

Skin cases: Offering protection from nicks and scratches without a lot of added bulk, a skin case is a great gift. They're easy to change, so getting several colors is always a great idea for that special teenager.

Hard cases: The ultimate in protection, hard cases can keep things safe from damage for even the most active among us.  With many colors to choose from, protection can look great as well.  Certain hard cases are extra-rugged, and when combined with the correct holster are just the gift for the serviceman or first responder in your life.

Weather-resistant cases: If the phone's going to be anywhere near the snow or surf or rain, weather-resistant cases keep the phone safe and dry -- and still allow you to use the device through the bag. The outdoorsman (or woman!) in your life will surely find a use for a weather-resistant case.

Headsets for everyone

Android devices make for a great media experience. But let's be honest -- not everyone wants to hear your music, or even worse -- hear a movie they aren't watching.  Since most phones don't come with a quality set, a pair could be the perfect gift.

Android headset

Wired Headphones:

For sound quality and ease of use, nothing beats a good set of wired headphones. There's no set-up involved, just plug them in and enjoy the music. Even better -- there are many models to choose from, and any of them make a great choice to drop in that special someone's stocking on Christmas eve.

Bluetooth headsets: If your gift-givee is a talker, a Bluetooth headset may be just what they need.  There's many different configurations, with models that use one ear or both, as well as stereo capable sets that will double as headphones for use with the Android media playerfunctions.

Wired Headsets: For the ultimate multitasker, a wired headset is a great tool.  Combine the ease of use and crystal clear audio of a pair of wired headphones, with a built in microphone so calls can be picked up at the press of a button. Just perfect for working or studying at the computer desk.

Odds and ends

microSD cards:

Today's Android devices are great media players, and nothing's better at holding downloaded content than a microSD card. A 16GB card should be able to hold a few movies and a whole bunch of music.

Microfiber cloths: Nothing is as irritating as a smeared, blurry screen on a touchscreen phone or tablet.  Dropping a couple microfiber cloths in the stocking is a must.  They make great eyeglass cleaners too!

Car charger: Having a charger ready in the glove box of the car is an easy way to juice up while on the move. Some even come with multiple USB ports to charge other accessories and goodies as well.

Jerry Hildenbrand
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