Android Pay vs. Samsung Pay: Which do you use?

If you own a modern Android phone, there's a good chance you've used it to make a mobile payment at one point or another. Android Pay is your only real option to use if you own a phone from HTC, LG, Google, or OnePlus, but if you own any modern Samsung flagship, you have the choice between Android and Samsung Pay.

Samsung Pay has long had the advantage of supporting both NFC and MST transactions, and when you combine this with the ability to earn free money by simply spending as you normally would, you end up with a couple big reasons to take advantage of Samsung's service if you own hardware that's compatible with it.

When posed with the question of Android Pay versus Samsung Pay, this is what some of our forum users had to say.

its 100x better! not only does it work in more places, you can make money just by using it with the rewards program.


Overall, the biggest advantage of Samsung Pay over Android Pay and iPay is the MST technology. You can use it to tap, just like Android Pay and iPay, but where taps are not accepted, it can simulate a swipe. In fact, I find that the MST (magnetic secure transmission) works better than the tap technology. The big trick is to get the cashier to get the machine ready for a swipe, when you aren't...


There is no comparison, IMO. If I see a slider, my Samsung Pay works. I don't have to look for Android Pay available notices etc.


I haven't use Google Pay, but I use Samsung Pay all of the time. I have my Costco Visa card registered which gives me money back when I use it almost anywhere. Along with that, I am also getting Samsung Reward Points, which is a bonus you don't get with Google


With all that said, we'd now like to pass the question on to you – Do you use Android Pay or Samsung Pay?

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