Android O is coming to OnePlus 3 and 3T

Friendly neighborhood CEO Pete Lau has confirmed via Twitter that your OnePlus 3 and 3T will be updated to Android O. This announcement doesn't include a timeframe, which makes sense since Android O itself doesn't have a hard launch date, but at some point in the future this update will come.

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While this announcement seems a little on the obvious side, it's important to remember OnePlus has a shaky history when it comes to delivering timely updates for its phones. The OnePlus 2 never got an update to Android N, and the OnePlus X eventually started seeing support from third-party maintainers. For several reasons, OnePlus 3 hasn't had these problems and is widely considered a quality turning point for the company in general.

Still, it's good to know that hype for the upcoming OnePlus 5 hasn't done anything to dampen support for the current OnePlus phones. Now all everyone has to do is wait, and we're all really good at that, right?

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  • This confirmation is great! 😁
  • It's more meaningless than great to be honest.
  • It was definitely going to happen. The support for these phones has been great so far
  • They said the same about Nougat in the OnePlus 2 and now they are saying that they have "discontinued updates for dated devices".
  • Seriously. Why this company continues to be held to a different set of standards than every other Android manufacturer is beyond me. I'll be impressed when they aren't dropping support for everything that isn't their latest flagship. I wonder how long until the 3 and 3T is a dated device not worthy of their time? But yeah, they've got that update situation really figured out. Let's praise them some more.
  • Lower prices equate to lower expectations. When you pay £309 for a Oneplus 3 versus £700 or whatever for an S7 edge and then the Oneplus 3 gets updated to Nougat 6 months before the edge, you're very justified in being peeved. If it was the other way around it'd be a case of "well... It WAS half the price". Besides that, they're not. At least not by me.
  • Yeah but the S7 edge will get updates for 2 years. Say that about your OnePlus 3
  • I must applaud your point dodging abilities, that one completely missed you! Read my comment again, then read it another three times. I'm not defending Oneplus here, or even saying some people holding them to a different standard is right, I'm just answering the question of "why?".
  • Basically, it's to do with the price, as fuzzy mentioned in this OP. The OnePlus costs significantly less than an S7e, with near-identical basic hardware. If an S7 got Nougat half a year later than the OnePlus, it would be understandable to be peeved as it costs more. If it were the other way around, people just tend to let it slide because it costs less. As for me, I'm not letting broken promises slide, regardless of how much a device costs.
  • Stopped reading after your first sentence. These phones have been billed as flagship killers from the start, remember "never settle?" You can't bill your phone as a flagship killer then drop support when you lose interest.
  • Eh, he's not defending anything. He's just saying what's the likely reason people tend to leave stuff like this aside for OnePlus.
  • If you listen to the latest AC podcast they explained that some of the lack of updates were limitations in the snapdragon 801 and 810 chipsets. I can't blame OnePlus for not spending the extra time and money to update devices with those chips. Their margins are already significantly less than those of other manufacturers. An effect of those savings for the consumers may be the need for the company to make those kinds of hard decisions. Meanwhile, those of us willing to take the "risk" are enjoying a great device at a great price.
  • Same as above, "never settle." Again, OP is held to different standards than every other Android manufacturer. It's a disservice to their fans to let the company off the hook like that.
  • Some other 810 devices have Nougat, though
  • I'll believe it if it happens...
  • They're not even a year old. I would hope they are getting the updates
  • Seriously, I'll believe it when it actually happens. The lack of ANY explanation on why the OnePlus 2 has not received its Nougat OTA is a downer, and is a valid reason to be skeptical. I'm also frankly sick of people saying to just flash a custom ROM if we want Nougat. That is a very poor excuse for subpar device support.
  • Agreed. OnePlus is a small company, but it's not like that have a ton of other phones to update.
  • The OP3/3T is on another level for Oneplus. This last year they produced by far their best product in those handsets and they know the expectations are higher. They're gonna make it a point to support them for at least a couple years.
  • Lol sure, just like the 2? So never settle only applied to the 3 and 3T. How interesting
  • I think you'd need to have a 3T for the past 6 months to get what I'm saying. It's recieved almost 10 updates in that time. The OP2 and 1 before it are far less premium and less popular than the 3 and 3T. Besides, now that they're getting bigger they need to jump on the 2 year plan, and it starts with the 3 and 3T
  • I'm not sure. I mean, the OnePlus 3 and 3T are certainly terrific phones, but what about the folks who bought the OnePlus 2? Is OnePlus just giving the fancy treatment to those who purchased their 2016 devices? If that's the case, when the OP5 is official, I'm really skeptical on how well the 3 and 3T will be supported based on company history. And I disagree that the 3 is somehow more "premium" than the 2. The 3 is only $10 more than the OP2 at launch. Although I very much dislike the OnePlus 2, that phone carried some of the best hardware you could get at the time (which isn't actually that great because 2015 was a pretty bad year for Qualcomm processors).
  • Oneplus was shady with the OP2 update, but the 3 and 3T have been far more successful and popular than the generations prior. They're more in the public eye now and for that reason I have little doubt that they're going to push the update this time around. Also, they along with a lot of other manufacturers are trying to forget about they're Snapdragon 810 products due to the issues and bad publicity. It's no wonder they've decided to forget about it
  • See, there's one problem. OnePlus did say that they would roll out Nougat to the OnePlus 2. Been months since and nothing else...
  • That's why I said they were Shady with the OnePlus 2. I said the three and 3T of been far more successful and put them in the mainstream These are very premium handsets
  • I know, but that will make people skeptical. OnePlus hasn't had a great record for update promises.
  • It's not going to matter after they update them. It's pretty much obvious in my opinion. Actually I guarantee they will. Watch
  • I wish I had your sense of confidence.....
  • Also don't forget they're not on an invite system anymore. They blew up this last year. Don't worry I won't say I told you so when they push the update
  • Oh, I would love to be proven wrong, seriously. It's just that given the current track record, I think it's reasonable to be skeptical.
  • I understand
  • Looking at the track record of OnePlus people should take this confirmation with a few grains of salt! If these current flagships will receive Android O the rest of us will be on Android P by that time. For me OnePlus is nothing more than a hype around cheap Chinese crap.
  • I've been using this cheap Chinese crap for almost a year. There are also two S7s in my household, bought for almost twice as much as OP3. There is hardly any difference in daily use between these devices. Well, maybe except that cheap crap has a better battery which lasts significantly longer than that of expensive crap.
  • Good job one plus.
  • Never trusted this company and probably never will.
  • As with anything, early adopters are more than often going to be the ones who suffer the growing pains. Remember the first Galaxy? It sucked. After a few tries, Samsung started to make a solid, believable product, starting with the S3. One Plus is following the same path, with dramatically less resources, and less notoriety. The iPhone 3G was the best of the early iPhone's. The Note series didn't hit it's stride until the 4. There seems to be a lot of vitriol spewed against One Plus (some justified), however, their arc isn't unlike most tech companies.