Android Market now gives developers option for multiple APKs per app listing

Here's an interesting little addition to the Android Market for developers: You can now upload multiple APK files for a single listing. That is, you can have one app name (and one package name), with multiple versions of the app file. Why do that? A dev could have one APK for tablets, and another for smartphones. Or one for one screen size, and one for another screen size. The Market keeps all of the same listing information -- screen shots, description, comments, etc. -- and aggregates stats and billing.

For most of you out there, you shouldn't notice a thing. But it's a nice addition for the folks working behind the scenes.

Source: Android Developers Blog

Phil Nickinson
  • hhhmmmm......interesting
  • Why doesn't my market look like that? =^(
  • get the apk from XDA or you can just wait till it rolls out to you in due time
  • It's the new version they're rolling out. You can get the apk online
  • Google said it would be rolling out in the "next couple of weeks." That was a week and a half ago (the 12th I believe). Has anyone actually had it pushed to them yet?
  • Or one for phones under 2.2 and one for phones 2.2 and over.... I LOVE this idea..... this should staB fragmentation right in the heart
  • Why not just stop fragmenting Android????
  • Because in order to do that, Consumers would have to demand the ability to pay full price for their devices, aka the subsidy system would need to die a quick and painful death. This won't happen soon, because the average customer still expects phones (no matter how amazing) to be free, or at most 200.
  • I would venture to day that its because they have android in many devices with different hardware that is not supported with one version of android.. Apple?????
  • Not really. If we bought our devices retail, companies could make phones that worked across carriers (in fact, there would be an incentive to do so) so there would be fewer models. Instead of having 7 Galaxy s variants in the US you would have 2, possibly 3. Furthermore, there would be more direct pressure on phone makers to keep phones up to date, since instead of having customers buying "whatever is free" most would think a bit more. When you go from spending 25 for a phone to spending 500, you tend to take a bit more time, and you want the device to be relevant longer. With the exception of the iphone, every other modern device is marketed carrier first, with very little focus on manufacturer. If subsidies disappeared, companies would need to make sure that their phones caused repeat customers. But even apple isn't immune from carrier fragmentation. ATT held up tethering for a year, Verizon's phone doesn't get updates at the same time, though admitedly, they're better at it than most. Carriers helped Android expand rapidly, but now they're trying to treat it like a dumbphone OS. Until customers demand that carriers stop subsidizing, repairing, etc our phones, they will have every incentive (and right) to shove as much crap on them as they think appropriate. Under subsidy model, you are not the customer, the carrier is. (at least to the phone makers)
  • "Why not just stop fragmenting Android????" Fragmentation is a natural consequence of Android's design philosophy. It's about openness and removal of restrictions on how you use the device and how carriers and developers develop for it. In order to eliminate fragmentation altogether, Google would have to switch to a "walled garden" approach like the iPhone. That would defeat the whole purpose of it all.
  • Movie rentals on rooted device = you lose your money.
  • Agreed..but you can watch them via a computer
  • Delete the video app that the market installs and watch it in the browser on youtube.
  • I think the biggest use of this function will be to have the free, trial versions of apps on the same page as the full versions.
  • ...and in typical laziness of google developers and program managers, they chose to aggregate reviews for ALL APKs at the app level which will only obfuscate the true ratings for each APK and falsely skew the app ratings because numnuts using a $50 Android phone think the app is too slow or lacks a feature.
  • The new market apk doesn't show all the apps under "my apps", tried it at least 10 times and only once did it show them listed and when it did my phone froze. So probably will just wait until the push it out.
  • I am seeing bugs in this new market apk :(
    (1) I installed a new app ("Non Violent Communication") and now my app drawer shows the app icon three times; and
    (2) Stuff I purchased (Launcher Pro Key) is showing in market as not purchased.
  • I have the new market apk. It makes me feel like Ice Cream Sandwich is right around the corner.
    This apk even picks up apk's from Amazon. The old one never did that.
  • This is one way to mitigate the effects of fragmentation. Developers have been getting a lot of unfair flak from users who have unsupported devices. This will give them the chance to create specific APKs that will work best for some devices.
  • Hopefully there is going to be a tick box or something for the devs when they submit their apps that says it has a tablet specific version included and that way the market can finally have a proper search option for tablet apps and not just anything that says 1.6 and above.